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..if Albert was a painter?
by Asbjorn Lonvig, artist/designer
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 Title: "Communications"
Size: 60 x 60 cm
original collage
US$ 10,000
This is about art.
I have created an artwork inspired from the keyword "communication".
This artwork can be used for various purposes.
I would like it be used for silk-screen printing in a limited edition, numbered and signed by me and finally framed in an exclusive frame with passepartout.

This motif tells a story about communication.
At least two parties are necessary to establish communication, therefore there are two sets of circles.

The inner circle symbolizes human communication, touching, speech, body language etc.,
artistic expressed in all kinds of drama.
The next circle symbolizes acoustic signals, by oscillation or digitized,
artistic used in music, radio theater etc.
The third circle symbolizes communication of pictures, including letters, by oscillation or digitized.
The three ways of communication mentioned until now is commonly known.
And we know a lot of examples of crossing the boundaries of these forms of communication.

The fourth circle symbolizes smell and taste, which are very hard to codify.
A lot of developers all over the world work on this matter and we still wait for a break through in this area of communication.

The fifth circle symbolizes the thought. I medical science you encounter
signals from the brain in EEG equipment,
in MR scanners etc. These signals are represented by means of plotters and displays.
The perspective in two way communication of thoughts can be scary.
We have to trust those people setting the ethical standards for this type of communication.
I feel that there are a sixth or seventh or even eighth circle. May be an infinite number of circles.
I believe Albert Einstein would have made one, two, three........more circles.
The quantum theory.
The theory of relativity.
E=M x C x C.
Think of these circles!
Think of the overlap of these circles!
What does the red field mean?
Sincerely yours,

Asbjorn Lonvig, artist

My way - I am proud of doing it my way.
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