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The Baby Carriage

by Asbjorn Lonvig, artist/designer
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This baby carriage has been placed  at Piazza della Rotondo in Rome.

The baby doesn't cry.
Not a sound.

In 1950 Pablo Picasso made the She-Goat in bronze.
She passed by and looked into the baby carriage.
The She-Goat laughed.
What might be in the baby carriage when it was not a baby?

Might it be one of the happy ghosts from the
huge Pantheon Church?
No, they could not stay that calm.

A Bedouin from Arabia
was sure it was a snake.

The Bedouin's camel and dromedary
talked about it, and they were sure
it was a snake, too.

However, a snake would have made some noise.
Rattling or so.

The Bedouin took a closer look.
A pair of legs?
He laughed.

A pair of sheep-legs.
Sleep-Sheep put on his coat.

And here is Sleep-Sheep on Piazza della Rotondo
in the middle of Rome
recovering from his nap number 7 this morning.

Sleep-Sheep has this rug
with 80 pictures of himself.
When he has counted 57 of them
he falls asleep

Even in a baby carriage.

My way - I am proud of doing it my way.
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