Grand Opening
International Contemporary Art Exhibition
in complesso Vittoriano
in Rome
5 September 2003

by Asbjorn Lonvig


The exhibition takes place in
Brasini Halls
Museo Centrale del Risorgimento

In honor of the great Italian painter
Ippolito Caffi.

There are exhibitors from
Cuba, Columbia, USA, Canada, Domonican Republic,
France, Switzerland, Romania, Greece
Finland, Denmark and Italy.


At the press conference
"Septimus Severus" had great exposure.
The Arch of Septimus Severus is situated
next to il Vittoriano
Forum Romanum.
Less than 200 meters from Brasini Halls!
"Septimus Severus" is bridging the antique Rome, "Risorgimento" - the renaissance,
Ippolito Caffi and Contemporary Art.
On Saturday night news on Silvio Berlusconi's RAI TV
"Septimus Severus"

was exposed again.

"Septimus Severus" is the star of the exhibition.


And "via Sacre" was there.
And a co-exhibitor with a bird, that I had surely seen before.
His sirname was Dali.
I asked if he knew Salvador.
Salvador is my father, he answered smiling.

Jose Van Roy Dali has been surrounded by the
 masterpieces of Salvador Dali
his entire life.
However, on this photo his laughter and smile is from
saying halo to "Crab-Mac-Claw", who is a main character
in my fairy tale about the Cuttlefish and the Crab.

For some reason The Cuttlefish and the Crab is inspired from
having cuttlefish for dinner on the brink of the Grand Canal in Venice!
Jose Van Roy Dali is from Venice!


"San  Francesco" was there.
"Piazza san Marco" was there.
It's from Venice, too.

 And wall sheets with my Rome motifs and
my suggestions to sculptures in spectacular places in Rome were there.
The letter to all Italians, Care Italiani, Cari Ramani! was there...

 - launching with digital prints
to all Romans of the Rome motifs
and fairy tales in Italian to all Italian kids.

..and the crowd was there.

Mrs. Anita Garibaldi opened the exhibition.

Mrs. Anita Garibaldi about my sculpture suggestions at spectacular places
in Rome:
"I agree, good idea".

Anita Garibaldi is the great grand child of
the famous Italian patriot
Giuseppe Garibaldi

My way - I am proud of doing it my way.
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