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by Asbjorn Lonvig, artist/designer
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Logo, poster etc. year 2004
Computer Art
 Hans Christian Andersen's
Festival Plays in The Funen Village in
Odense, where Hans Christian Andersen
was born in 1805, announces its logo and
Thumbelina, as usual written by
director Erik Bent Svendlund. I have the
honour to design the logo and poster
each year.
I made it in 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003 and now 2004.
In 2005 on Hans Christian Andersen's
200 year birthday it will be a medley of
Andersen's fairy tales. We have asked our
Queen Margaret II to do the wing design in
2005. As you might already know Queen
Margaret II of Denmark is a very skilled artist.
How it is made
The poster and logo will be used for many purposes,
cover of the program, on the internet, on T-shirts, on caps etc.
My goal is to make a colorful poster, which is one of a series of 10 posters, that I have been asked to make.
 So far I have "The Tinderbox" in 2000, Simple Simon in 2001, the Shepherdess and the Chimney Sweep
in 2002, The Nightingale in 2003 and now Thumbelina to the festival play in 2004.
The first thing to happen is that I am told which musical The Festival Plays intend to play next year.
Even before this year's performance of the Nightingale - in June 2003 -
I read the fairy tale about Thumbelina. 
I begin making drafts.
This time I knew that it had to be a butterfly pulling Thumbeline in her belt,
as Thumbelina is sitting on a water lily.
The colors are red, yellow, green and blue on a black background as it has been every time before. 
I draw with a pencil or I am using a computer.
The motif is hereafter cut in Silkscreen printed paper - and the original is ready to be verified by the chairman of the Festival Plays, Jorn Erik Schreiner.
The printer makes the motif ready to print on a computer and I verify it if necessary.
Asbjorn Lonvig, artist

My way - I am proud of doing it my way.
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