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The Interactive Lecture uses fast internet and a projector.
The dialog with the audience guides us through the lecture.


The Interactive Lecture Concept

Today I am excited.
Very excited!
Tomorrow I'll make my first Interactive Lecture.
The only thing I need is a projector and a fast line to the internet.
The only thing I bring is myself.
On the internet I have made 1950 web pages to choose from.
And as every image on these pages represents one or several stories my lecture can go on for ever.
In the past I have made a lot of lectures. In schools, in universities, in companies, in associations, in counties, in municipalities - you name it.
I thought the preparations were very time-consuming and boring, and I often did not use the pictures, the slides, the transparents etc. etc. that I had prepared.
Questions and remarks from the audience often altered the whole context of the lecture.
Therefore the interactive lecture.
My contact person has informed me about a theme of the lecture, so I know where to start.
After that it is the dialog with the audience that guides us through the lecture.
If the audience is not very active, I'll guide the audience.
If the lecture moves too far away from the read thread in the theme, I'll make an invisible change of subject.

It's sure demanding to do it this way.
I have to be on the marks.
But it doesn't matter, the quality of the lecture is enhanced enormously and sure I don't do it for free
even if it's superb marketing.
Next time, in the next artblog I'll keep you posted concerning my interactive lectures.
My dream is that the interactive lecture will develop into a real Road show, traveling around from school to school, from university to university, from company to company, from.....to.....
Making a lot of money by lecturing and making a superb marketing for myself and my art works at the same time!!!!

My first Interactive Lecture There was an audience.
There was a computer with fast internet.
There was a projector.
There was a "pilot" from the management - it might as well have been from the audience - to click on the computer.
I enjoyed, that the only thing to bring was myself.
The show started.
I knew where to start and instantly the audience understood that the dialog guided us through the lecture.
It was fantastic.
After the lecture the managers praised my lecture into the skies.
My new concept - Interactive Lecture - works!!!!!!!!

Published in Art News
12 November 2004
The Precident and founder of AbsoluteArts.com and Art News Markus Kruuse about my article to Art News Artblog about Interactive Lecture: "Wonderful".
Markus Kruse's background beyond the above. He holds a B.A. in Art History from Wittenberg University, an M.A. in Arts Administration/Art Education and a Ph.D. in Art Education from The Ohio State University.

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<a href="http://www.lonvig.dk/interactive-lecture.htm/">Controversial Interactive Lecture on Art</a>
Controversial artist Asbjorn Lonvig uses online fast internet and a projector lecturing on his Colorful Simplicity Art in a dialog with the audience.

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Interactive Lecture - logo - owlInteractive Lecture - logo - owl

Hallo everybody - here we come!!!
"the lecturing owls"
of course

Sincerely yours,
Asbjorn Lonvig
"Lille Fejringhus"
43 Fejringhusvej
DK-8722 Hedensted, Denmark
Phone: +45 7589 0477
Fax: +45 7589 0900
Mobile: +45 2047 1179
E-mail: lonvig@mail.dk
Web site: www.lonvig.dk
 probably the most fascinating artist's house in Northern Europe
 "Lille Fejringhus"
  - probably Northern Europe's most fascinating artist's house.
The five winged building contains gallery, studio and private dwelling.

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Interactive Lecture about art, design,  storytelling, fairy tales etc.
Interactive Lecture about art, design,  storytelling, fairy tales etc.
Interactive Lecture about art, design,  storytelling, fairy tales etc.
Interactive Lecture about art, design,  storytelling, fairy tales etc.