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The story about
farmer Jack

by Asbjorn Lonvig, artist/designer
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Jack lives on a farm not very far away from the sea.
He can not see the sea, but just outside his farm there is a brook.
It is called Tange Brook.
There is a very nice bridge across the brook.
Looking at the bridge Jack can feel the sea.
He knows that when he sends a bottle message from this nice bridge,
it will end up in New York, Sidney or The Galapagos Islands.
That is a great comfort to Jack.
Jack loves the sea.
This is Farmer Jack.
You can recognize his Wellington boots.
He calls them his wellies.
Jack often works in dirty places and he must therefore wear rubber boots.
Not many people have red boots.
Jack has.
Can you guess why?
Jack loves red, yellow, green and blue.
He loves caps and Wellingtons.
Today it is his birthday and he has gotten four gifts,
one in a red package,
one in a yellow package,
one in a green package and
one in a blue package.
In each package there were a cap and rubber boots.
You can se Jack is trying the cap and the rubber boots on for size.
Margaret is one of farmer Jack's two cows.
Usually cows stand in a stable eating.
Margaret has finished eating.
Farmer Jack's stable does not look like an ordinary stable.
It looks like a ballet theater.
Margaret is dancing ballet.
As she is not very good at singing,
she is dancing ballet.
Happy cows do not sing.
They dance.
Margaret's sister is a ballerina, too.
Nicolai is very enthusiastic about ballet.
He is an eager spectator.
His ballet shoes have disappeared.
Nicolai's baby brother loves ballet, too.
He wants to join.
He is watching carefully.
Soon he knows some of the difficult steps.
He grunted - he was satisfied.
 This rooster is called August Blue.
Jack's three roosters are from Lisbon.
They crow loudly in Portuguese.
This rooster is called August Green.
And this rooster is called August Rainbow.
He has the most beautiful voice.
Try to imagine how this Portuguese choir sings.
The lazy green dog enjoys the dancing and singing.
He is smiling.
And his tale is pointing right into the sky.
The lazy red dog enjoys the dancing and singing.
The lazy blue dog enjoys the dancing and singing.
Even the lazy yellow dog enjoys the dancing and singing.
Even if it gets dark outside the performance continues.
A new sound is added to the choir.
The lazy yellow dog starts snoring.
And the yellow cat is listening, watching and it purrs.
It purrs from joy.
 The red cat purrs.
The green cat purrs.
And the blue cat is purring loudly as well.
Farmer Jack had just written a letter and sent a bottle message from the nice bridge
just as he heard something from the stable.
He listened carefully.
He became so happy.
He would like to join the party.
Jack put on his green party cap.
His blue party shirt.
His green party tie.
His red party pants.
And most important his green party boots.
The party got better and better.
The cows danced ballet.
And Jack danced ballet.
The pigs grunted.
And Jack grunted.
The Portuguese roosters crowed.
And Jack crowed.
The lazy dogs snored.
And Jack made snore sounds.
The cats purred.
And Jack purred.
My way - I am proud of doing it my way.
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