Hans Christian Andersen motifs
  by Asbjorn Lonvig, artist/designer
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Language: English
on the fairy tale writer Hans Christian Andersen motifs for use in 2005.
I will form a group of 10 students/participants.
The typical student/participant is a decision maker who
is responsible for strategies and thus has the responsibility of the use of these tools on an executive level.
 I have experienced that projects have great inspirational impact on each other.
I will introduce the group to art work.
I will introduce the group to Hans Christian Andersen.
Every member of the group tells a story about themselves, their company, organization etc.
and a story about his or her goals for this masterclass.
Each member of the group decides in cooperation with me what kind of research is needed.
Each member decides what kind of art work he or she wants to create.
In cooperation with me they start the creative process.
If a computer is needed for illustration purposes or internet presentation desk top specialists are hired from outside.
The goals for the masterclass are very ambitious:
Each member creates in close cooperation with me an art work or art works
to their company, organization etc. for use in a defined purpose.
During the masterclass I will do whatever is in my power to inspire the students/participants and work hard as a
catalyst for the group.
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