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10 Online Art Exhibitions
Web Site Exhibition 1.  -  "These Days"  - Projects that I work with right now - menu.
Web Site Exhibition 2.  -  "Happy Days" - Paintings - On happy days I have the guts and skills to do things extremely simple.
Web Site Exhibition 3."Sad Days" - Paintings.
Web Site Exhibition 4. "Both And Days" - Paintings. 
Web Site Exhibition 5  "American Days" - Paintings,    
Web Site Exhibition 6. - "World Wide Days" - world wide representation.  
Columbus, Ohio, USA - New York, USA
Calgary, Canada
Oxford, UK
Aschheim, München, Germany
Paris, France (FDA) - Paris, France (ADP) Saint-Romain au Mont d'Or, France Piacenza, Milan, Italy - Orsago, Venecia Italy - Monterosso, Calabria, Italy Madrid, Spain
Web Site Exhibition 7. A. "Jutlandic Days" is an e-shop selling posters, signed posters, silk-screen prints etc. "Jutlandic" is a business concept. 
Exhibition 7. B. -  "Children's Safety Days" is about children's safety in traffic - 12 signs - In 12 Languages. British English, American English, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, German, Dutch, French, Spanish, Japanese and Chinese. 
Web Site Exhibition 8. A -  "Children's Sculptures Days" is about children's sculptures made for play. Made for climbing, sitting, hiding etc. 
Exhibition 8. B -  "Sculptures Days" is about huge metallic sculptures erected on spectacular places. Tien an Men in Beijing, Lincoln Center in New York, Louvre in Paris,  Moulin Rouge and Centre Pompidou in Paris, Grand Place in Brussels, European Parliament in Strasbourg, Piazetta san Marco in Venice, The Brazilian Congress in Brasilia,  Lake Superior at Toronto, Lake Michigan at Chicago, Red Square in Moscow, White House in Washington, Galleria Nazionale d'Arte Moderna in Rome, Piazza Nuvona in Rome, Pantheon in Rome, il Vittoriano in Rome, Piazza S. Pietro in Rome, Spanish Stairs in Rome etc.
Web Site Exhibition 9. A. -  "Portrait Days" - all my eldest son Morten Lonvig's Exhibitions of Portraits in Multiple Languages. 
Exhibition 9. B. -  "Portrait Days" - sample portraits, Morten has developed his own unique style in making portraits using computer, paintbrush and acrylic on canvas. 
Exhibition 9. C. - "Portrait Days" - Morten's portraits They enlarged my world. 
Exhibition 9. D. - "Portrait Days" - Morten's portraits Eye Openers.  
Exhibition 9. E. - "Portrait Days" - My portraits of Mona (Lisa). 
Exhibition 9. F. - "Portrait Days" - My portrait of Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec. 
Exhibition 9. G. - "Portrait Days" - Coloring Che Guevara. 
Exhibition 9. H. - "Portrait Days" - My computer art self-portraits.
Exhibition 9. I. -  "Portrait Days" - My portraits of Chaplin.
Web Site Exhibition 10.  "Storytelling and Fairy Tale Days" - my art work combined with storytelling, my Children's Books Online, Children's Coloring Books Online and my universe of storytelling and fairy tale motifs. 
Exhibition 10. A. - Storytelling - corporate values. 
Exhibition 10. B. - The Asbjorn Lonvig Storytelling Concept. 
Exhibition 10. C. - Fairy Tales - Children's Books Online in 10 languages. 
Exhibition 10. D. - Children's Coloring Books Online. 
Exhibition 10. E. - The LUCCA-project. 
Exhibition 10. F. - Universe of Storytelling and Fairy Tale motifs.
See the 10 online art exhibitions etc.
  Artist's Selections
Web Site Selection A. -  General Selection 2004.
Selection B. New York Selection.
Selection C. San Francisco Selection.
Selection D. -  Rapa-Nui Selection.
Selection E. -  Noosa - Queensland Selection.
Selection F. -  The Modern Windmill Selection.
Selection G. -  Antique Rome Selection.
Selection H. -  Modern Rome Selection.
Selection I. -   The British Columbia Westcoast Selection.
Selection J. -   Landscapes - Grand Canyon, Arizona Desert, Mount. Everest Selection. 
Selection K. -  PicassoMio - Madrid - Selection. 
Selection L. -  Winged Dove Selection.
Selection M. - Baby Art  Selection.

My specialty - a unique motif inspired by your company, city etc.
Web Site A motif, which is yours alone, inspired by your company, city etc. Printed in limited edition. I will number and sign the prints. It is the gift to present if you want to be suitably anonymous and yet completely sure of being seen and remembered.
Selections of huge canvases.
Fairy tales.
Web Site Idea Development.    
Idea Development. - Idea Liberation - What is that? 
4 Masterclass in "Lille Fejringhus".  
On Asbjorn Lonvig Storytelling Concept creating art works and storytelling to companies, organizations etc. communicating important messages to a defined group: employees, customers etc. - In English.  
On Asbjorn Lonvig Storytelling Concept creating art works and storytelling to companies, organizations etc. communicating important messages to a defined group: employees, customers etc. - In Danish.  
On Hans Christian Andersen motifs etc. for use in 2005. - In English.
On Hans Christian Andersen motifs etc. for use in 2005. - In Danish. 
Diplomatic Missions.    
Use of Danish Diplomatic Missions. 
World Wide Representation.   
Crab-Mac-Claw as logo for world wide activities? 
Cornelius - Commercial counselor & co-ordinator. 
Galleries and representations world wide. 

Children's Books Online and ready to download for printing. 
Children's Coloring Books Online and ready to download for printing. 
E-book about the Red Cross refugee's huge sculpture project from start to finish - ready for downloading and printing. 
Poem of the day - based on recent Asbjorn Lonvig art works.
Tall Charlie's comment on the World - weekly.

Translation by AltaVista Babel Fish. 
Pre Translated major topics from this web page - see Multiple languages. 
General translation of web pages - by 

To the Editor: 25 different stories  about my art initiatives. 
Newsletter about new art initiatives.

Fund-raising and other non-profit activities - examples - St. Mary Hospice, Red Cross etc. 
Bridging the World Foundation - ambassador etc. 

Contextual sub Site Maps etc.
Storytelling sub Site Map.
My storytelling concept.
Storytelling - corporate values.
The story about SOFUS - storytelling example -  pedagogical motifs.

The story about Easter Island - storytelling example - other motifs. 

Digital Prints
Digital Prints sub Site Map.
Download artworks.
See Henri de Toulouse Lautrec. Digital Prints logo.

Fairy Tales - the LUCCA-project
The LUCCA-project sub Site Map.
The LUCCA-project - concept and facilities.
The LUCCA-project  - menu with fairy tales and flags identifying languages.

Promotional sub
Site Maps etc.

Promotion sub Site Map.
Brochures and direct mail letters - for download.

Online galleries - direct and via a special promotion page.
The spirit Project.

Slide shows
Slide shows sub Site Map.
Scandinavian artist/designer Asbjorn Lonvig's slide shows. 

PR pages
PR pages sub Site Map.
Presents every single image to the net.
Asbjorn Lonvig and Paris.
Asbjorn Lonvig and Indian Art.

About me
Portrait, biography, references, my studio, gallery, my home and
my artworks, artistically concept, thanks to visitors, traffic, testimonials,  contact and finally links, copyright and disclaimer
Web Site Portrait - Computer specialist - Artist, Designer, Idea Developer etc. 
My Biography.
Web Site References - companies, cities, municipalities, institutions, governments etc.
Web Site My house - my studio, gallery and private home - "Lille Fejringhus".
In the gallery - just now.

My artworks...graphic designs, gable paintings, sculptures...........
Web Site Silk-screen prints in limited edition - a motif made exclusively to a specific company. 
Tool Toy - A Hall Stand - A Clown with large feed. 
3 Posters to Danish Ministry of Environment and Energy. 
Logo - Graphic Design - Care & Hospital 1998. 
Textile Design - Soft Furnishings - Tall Charlie, Broadway, Montmartre. 
Graphic Design - Color Scheme - Bang & Olufsen, Denmark. 
Gable Painting - Gorms in Vejle - Puls in Brande. 
Huge Metallic Sculpture - By Motor way No. E45. 
Collage - A Graphic Interpretation of a Landmark - Hedensted. 
Painting - Acrylic on Canvas - The American Indian - Size 201 x 139 cm. 
Decoration - 12 Floral Motifs - For St. Mary Hospice. 
Travel as Inspiration - Motifs from all over the World. 
Collection of Posters made in 1994 at Forney, Paris (in French). Don't use this link if you have  chosen other languages than English in Multiple Languages - only use this link from the English version.

Artistically Concepts
Email My "Artistically Concept" is not that of Michelangelo's - or is it???????
 Email My storytelling concept.

Thanks to visitors - Traffic - Testimonials - Contact.
Email Testimonials.
Thank you for visiting this web site - Statistics on exposures and hits.
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