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1. C - first grade - started in school on Monday 5th August 2002.
To celebrate first day
in school 1st grade at Hedensted
School got it's own logo. The
logo was used on letters to parents,
name tags, school news, door signs,
class lists etc. etc. The main purpose of
the train was to help the children
learn new letters. When they learned a new letter
a new wagon was coupled to the train. The children filled the
wagon with that particular letter cut
out of newspapers or similar.

On 2 August 2003 the train had served 1st grade very well.
1st grade had learned how to read and write - nearly,
surely the train had taught them all the letters.

1st grade have become 2nd grade
they have got a new logo:

Symbolizing that any learning process requires
well-being and a good atmosphere.

If it might help others learn the letters and learn how to read and write?
Why not let the engine and the engine drive Otto become a supplementary logo to

 The Network Engine
which is a network teaching grown ups
the letters and how to read and write
as it is called in Danish:

Asbjorn Lonvig, artist/designer

My way - I am proud of doing it my way.
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