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by Asbjorn Lonvig, artist/designer
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On happy days I have the guts and skills to do things extremely simple.
There is something very special about those huge canvases, the bright colors
and those extremely simple shapes.
I was contacted by Shelly from online gallery
www.backyard-art.com  on Vancouver Island, Nanoose Bay
covering British Columbia and Yukon.
She introduced me to the online magazine
run by David Dornian.
I remembered the British Columbia Westcoast.
The Native Art, the nature, Vancouver.
I decided to do "The British Columbia Exclusive Selection" - drafts for huge paintings.

Asbjorn Lonvig, artist
Thunderbird - British Columbia, by Asbjorn Lonvig, artist.
Acrylic on canvas
201 x 139 cm
US$ - Request Price

Inspired from Native Art from British Columbia's west coast - well aware that the symbolism
doesn't belong to me - it's the heritage of the local people

See The British Columbia Westcoast Exclusive Selection

 My way - I'm proud of doing it my way.

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