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By Morten Lonvig -
my eldest son

n of Painting

by Asbjorn Lonvig
, artist/designer
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Morten has developed his own very unique style in portrait painting.
He has a degree in teaching art and social studies from Aarhus Teachers College.

A wall at Horsens Business School has been decorated
with a collage like this with 26 paintings, 60 x 60 cm, acrylic on  canvas.
 left to right
top to bottom
Louis Armstrong
Bony M
Salvador Dali
Henry Ford
Albert  Einstein
Michail Gorbatjov
Karen Blixen
Marilyn Monroe
Richard Nixon
Simon Spies
Mother Teresa
Troels Kløvedal
 from left to right
Billie Holiday
Walt Disney
Ingmar Bergman
Mahatma Gandhi

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 My way - I'm proud of doing it my way.

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