International Contemporary Art Exhibition
in the prestigous
Brasini Halls of "Vittoriano - Venice Square Rome in Italy

Dear Artist,
         To commemorate the occasion our centennial anniversary, we will host an International Exhibition of Contemporary Art, dedicated to the great “risorgimento” patriot-painter Ippolito Caffi. This celebration will take place in the prestigious Brasini Halls of the ”Vittoriano”, Venice Square, Rome, Italy, during the entire month of September 2003.  The Exhibit will host paintings, sculptures, graphics, engravings and Art Photography, without a specific theme, by Artists from all over the World. The cost of the participation is Euro 825,00 + tax. As your name has nominated as a quality Artist, we have reserved a space to present your Art in this exhibition.  If you would be interested in participating in this very important International Exhibition, with all the benefits of exposure and contacts available, we ask you to please contact the Selection Office of  the M.A.C. srl Mondial Art and Culture, which is the Society in charge of the Exhibition, by calling the number  06 906 23 165 during regular work hours, in Continental Europe. If busy please call 06 906 57 68 or the cell. 349 84 05 435.
French, English and Italian are spoken fluently at these telephone numbers.
         It is possible to visit the web site of the at   the, and for more information, e-mail, or write to the POBOX indicated in the web site. We will inform you without any obligation, about the modalities, and condition of participation, timing, the structure of the exhibition and any other useful details. 
The Exhibition will be open to the public.
         If interested, please respond promptly to ensure the continued reservation of your space. We have limited availability of spaces and the requests for allotted spaces are increasing each day. We wish, you, in any case, a profitable artistic success in your continued endeavours.

Prof. Giancarlo Alù

REGULATIONS  (printed at the rear of the Contract)
1)      Artists will have to submit a photograph for every proposed Work, indicating on the back the name or the logo of the Author, the Title, the date of the creation and the dimensions.

2) The topic is open and any artistic tendency, techniques or matters may be used.  The Works will have to follow the canons of Art, common sense and legality. (No glorification of violence, terrorism or graphic pornography will be accepted). The Experts of our Organization will approve their suitability and there will be no appeal process.  The number of works accepted from each Artist will also be estimated in relation to their dimensions. The Works will occupy a space of approximately 1.80 by 1,30 meters. (An easel or wall).
3) At the end of the exhibition, all Artists will receive a certificate of participation also for the benefit of the curriculum.  Special plates, cups and medals will be awarded by the promoters of the Event (the historical Museum of Mentana, the Press association "Assostampa Sabina-tiberina", the Lions Club Valley Tiberina, the Richard Thomas
 Galleries, U.S.A., the M.A.C. srl and by other Institutions), to those works, which draw inspiration from Peace, the environment, Social life, Science, Culture and Civilization. 
4) A nameplate of identification must be affixed to the rear of the work, indicating:  Name and last name of the Artist, nationality, title of the work, its date of execution.  The sculptures must have their base of support. 
5) In case of unforeseeable impediments of whichever nature, the Organization reserves the right to modify or change the place and the date of the exhibition. 
6) All paper documentation, photographic material and any other documents provided by the artist relating to exhibition and in our possession, will not be returned.  The Organization is authorized by the artist to duplicate these materials and to forward to cultural institutions, Art Critics, journalists and any other parties that might be of profit to the Artist.
7) The fee paid by the Artist includes: 
a)      Contribution to the Historical Museum Garibaldino of Mentana (Rome),
b)     Contribution to the Lions Club for charitable activities.
c)      Preparation and creation of the collateral Exhibition, (one with 
Paintings by Caffi and the other with historical items from the National Museum of Mentana, with weapons, uniforms,  original documents, photos etc.),
d)     Examination and acceptance of the Works through photographic or direct presentation 

e)     The M.A.C SRL, Mondial Art and Culture' s mark of 
       authenticity stamped on the back of the photos of the works  represented,
f)       Postal expenses,
g) telephone expenses,
h) staff travel,

i) Examination and recording of the paper material,
l) All forms of publicity, 
 m) Photographic and television services,

 n) Handling of the works,
 o) Apparatus of acceptance, hostesses, security, guardians etc
 p) Didactic apparatuses, banners, posters and whatever is  
     necessary for an optimal development of the event. 
8) Other express services demanded by the Artist, (Critiques of Art, creation of personal Catalogues, postcard-documents, logistics, services in general, such as guided tours to Museums and monuments of Rome, renting cars, etc. will have to be agreed and to be regulated separately.
9) Guaranteeing the maximum security and surveillance, the Organization declines every responsibility for eventual fires, thefts, fraudulent or accidental damages in general, to the sent work.   The Artist, if he deems it appropriate, should independently, and at his own expenses, insure his own works.  We remind you, however, that the Exhibition will take place inside of the most important and beloved Monument to the Italians, the Victorian, called also the Altar of the Native land, where the remains of the unknown soldier died during the world war one, are buried.  There are also 5 historical and artistic Museums centers located in the building which are visited by thousands people from all over the world. 
10) Works should not be sold during the Exhibition.  It is guaranteed, with the previous consent of the Artist, that any interest on the part of a possible purchaser will be immediately communicated to the Artist.  The acts of Society M.A.C srl will exclusively be limited to render the contacts, without any expectations of commissions from either parties.
11) Artists will be informed of exact the date and place of the delivery of the Works at least 15 days before the beginning of the exhibition. 

12) The public will have free entrance to the Exhibit.
13) The competent Court is the one of Rome.      
14) Signing the present "Adhesion Card"(or Contract), the committing Artist declares that he/she has reviewed the terms and conditions of this document diligently and accepts unconditionally all the articles of this Regulations and its documentary parts.

Once that the Artist has decided to participate, and has received and diligently read and understood the letter of invitation and the Regulations, he/she must:
1) Send clear photos of the works that he /she would like to exhibit, which will be submitted to the Committee for a declaration of suitability (See Point 2 of Regulations).    Details must be reported on the reverse of the work, as described in Point 1 of Regulations.  The information must be forwarded to the following address: Mondial Art and Culture, viale Antonio Gramsci 49/b - 51, 00015 Monterotondo, ROME, att. Prof. Giancarlo Alù,
2) Once accepted, the M.A.C. srl, will ship to the Artist:
a) two copies of the Contract
b) the exhibition regulations
c) a description of treatment of personal information (privacy laws).
All those documents must be completed by the Artist, signed and accompanied with a document attesting to competed payment.
Acceptable modes of payment:
a) A postal money order "on line ", for the entire sum of 990 Euro (tax included) or a "wire transfer" to the following account:  ° 076009940171 of the, C/O the bank"Comit-Intesa", viale Gramsci 21, 00015 Monterotondo- ROME, Italy, with these banking numbers:  ABI:  03069, CAB: 39240. Or
b) A personal check non-transferable.
If payment is in installments:
a) Postal money order "on line " for the sum of Euro 200.00 as partial payment, and the remainder (790,00 euros) in installments defined individually on the Contract, with the final balance due to June 30th 2003. (For money orders on line, or bank " wire transfer" as above, see account information above).
Upon receipt of the payment and the signed contracts, will, in its turn, sign and return one copy to the Artist, completing the agreement with him/her.   The invoice will be shipped after the contract has been honored, after the total payment has been received. In the case of installment or partial payment, a receipt will be issued.