Children's Safety Days - 12 signs in 12 languages


The concept HELLO - DRIVE CAREFULLY consists of a range of road signs in different languages.
The baby on the road sign is inspired from a work I made to a Hospital. A hospital where babies were born.
All my motifs of children and other figures have only the number of fingers necessary. And that is 4. Nobody sees that there only are four fingers, so the fifth finger is kind of sup plus. As I presented a poster to the hospital with the baby - with four fingers - the staff at the hospital at once said to me: Five fingers, nothing more nothing less. Everything else is bad marketing for this hospital.
I do not sell signs - I want to sell the idea and the design.
In my e-shop you find the baby as a poster and a signed poster, size 70 x 50 cm.
The sign designs are available in British English, American English, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, German, Dutch, French, Spanish, Japanese and Chinese.
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