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Organizing a sculpture
by Asbjorn Lonvig, artist/designer
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What you buy from me is the idea, the drafts, the design, the intellectual rights
 and all my experiences from building sculptures.
The sculpture is built by the buyer in the buyer's city/country by local entrepreneurs.
In my designs my point of departure solely has been artistic,
so in case huge technical or other difficulties arise I will make a redesign.

Based on my experiences
I will recommend to separate the project in two parts.
Artistic matters and construction matters.

Artistic matters.
I will take care of the artistic matters. That is design, marketing the idea, selling the idea, if necessary corrections of the design, choice of place for erection, fine tuning of placement, choice of materials
concerning visual appearance and function, agreement upon intellectual rights matters etc.
Settling of accounts concerning design and intellectual rights will take place before the building process is started.
As part of the artistic matters I will -
from start to unveiling - promote the project and offer suggestions to how the sculpture is best used for PR purposes.

Construction matters.
Is taken care of by a construction company signing an all inclusive contract with the building owner.
That is calculating the dimensions of the sculpture, including special impact of
low wind speeds on high buildings (rotation), construction of foundation, rough calculation of price, calculation of price, managing the project according to price and time, signing maintenance agreement with the building owner etc. etc.

My way - I am proud of doing it my way.
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