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by Asbjorn Lonvig, artist/designer
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I will create a motif which is yours alone subtly inspired by your business, town, municipality etc.
  Subtle motifs to match your taste. The motif will be printed in a limited edition,
and it will be numbered and signed by me. 
And then it is luxuriously framed.
This is the gift to present if you want to be suitably anonymous and yet completely sure of being seen and remembered! Suitable for people with a creative level higher than six bottles of red wine.
    This motif has been made exclusively
to Heco International A/S.
The point of departure has been Heco International's products,
namely complex piston rod stuffing boxes for cross-head diesel engines and filters for liquids for industry
power generation, HVAC, pharmaceutical, marine and OEM applications.
The motif has been printed silk-screen print in 125 specimens.
Numbered and signed by me and luxuriously framed.
The art work is used as gifts to important business partners.
Furthermore the motif has been used on stationary, brochures, invoices etc.
Based on this motif is made several original collages as decoration of offices.
The most extraordinary use is
creating huge hard wood reliefs in the plant,
where the factory workers have made the reliefs themselves.
By participating in this way the factory workers
became a part of the the creation of the artwork.
The factory workers were proud to be called artists.

My way - I am proud of doing it my way.
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