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"swim against the tide"

by Asbjorn Lonvig, artist/designer
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This artwork is called "swim against the tide",
it is inspired by people who are not for sale, not for sale at any price.
In the artwork you can find triangles, curves, a coordinate system,
a hint that this might have something to do with finance.............

swim against.
80 x 80 cm
original collage
"swim against the tide"
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This motif can be used in many different ways.
One of them is printing it in silk-screen print in limited edition.
I could number and sign every single print, and when it is framed
with a passepartout, you have the perfect gift to.....................
In a booklet you could tell the story about the genesis of this artwork.
Sincerely yours,

Asbjørn Lønvig

My way - I am proud of doing it my way.
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