Coloring book
the frog and Elias the elephant
by Asbjorn Lonvig, artist 
I am a frog. My name is Frederic.
My grandpa was also called Frederic.
He lived in a small pond
6 High of Orge,
8722 Moor Town, Denmark.
Here I am.

I am green and I have long legs.
Two green legs, one blue and one red.
My backlegs are long and muscular.
That's why I am really good at hopping.
I can hop as far as you can spit.
My best friend is called Elias. He is an elephant.
He is much bigger than I am.
Here is Elias. He is red. He has blue teeth and a blue tail.
I call him Tomato, because he is red.
Here is yellow Elias.
I call him Lemon.
Here is green Elias.
I call him Apple.
Here is blue Elias.
I call him Blueberry.
  When the elephants were quite young their mother taught them how to hold each other's hand.
Oh no, sorry, not each other's hands but each other's tails.
Always with Tomato in the front.
When they walked to the right.
 And Tomato was in the front,
when they walked to the left, too.
Do you remember what I called the elephants?
I can help you.
A tomato is red.
A lemon is yellow.
An apple is green.
A blueberry is blue.
This is my father.
He is called Frederic, too.
As I am and as my grandpa is.
His hind legs are blue.
 And you can tell him quickly as he is wearing glasses.
 This is my mother.
Her hind legs are red.
She has a bow in her hair and a yellow bracelet.
And here I am again.
One of my hind legs is blue like my father's.
The other is red like my mother's.
I love hopping.
I love hiding.
I can hop and hide in a hurry.
I can hide behind a stump of a tree.
I can hop and hide in a hurry.
I can hide behind a stone.
I can hop and hide in a hurry.
I can hide in a dark tube.
Tomato, Apple and I, Frederic the frog, decided to play hide and seek.
And I hid at once.
Tomato and Apple looked in the tube.
Tomato and Apple looked behind the stone.
 Tomato and Apple looked behind the stump of a tree.
 But Tomato and Apple couldn't find me anywhere.
And Blueberry became sadder and sadder and sadder.
He could not find me either.
Then suddenly Lemon gave a loud blow on his trumpet.
I call his trunk a trumpet.
And I was found.
Hiding behind Blueberry's ear.