About different SOFUSes

by Asbjorn Lonvig, artist - for Fiberline Composites A/S, Denmark
 I believe it is very important to avoid accidents and to maintain health at
my place of work.
We call it working environment.
Part of a modern working environment is safety.
Here I have put on my helmet.
My protective spectacles.
My earplugs.
My gloves.
And my safety shoes.
I think I look cool.
 Sometimes I think that safety precautions are to much.
But when I look into it I realize that you can't be too careful.
A wise man have told me that man has to relax his body and
especially his brain, his sole.
That is part of being fit.
Fit for fight.
Fit for work.
Part of being able to become proud of yourself.
 To relax my body and to relax my brain it is vital to me
to do sports.
I don't do it on my own.
The wise man told me it is important to socialize.
I do it together with my work mate Sofia.
Sofia and I do sports in the company club, Bridging FC.
Amusement and joy is the most most important
activity of all.
Says the wise man.
Giving your body, brain  and sole new energy.
Recharging your energy depots.
Regaining strength.
 And dancing with a nice girl like Sofia makes me feel good.
Makes me feel very well.
Some day I will give her a kiss.
When I do things that I know
that I shouldn't have
I get hot.
My head turns red.
My freckles turn yellow.
My big smile is not so big in the right side of my face.
I place my index finger on my lips.
I am embarrassed.
The wise man has once told me:
Embarrassment is a kind of sadness.
I am sad that others see my faults so clearly.
Openness and being realistic about
being a human being
will lessen embarrassment.
Human beings make faults.
That's what make them human.
 There is one particular SOFUS that I do not invite to my place of work.
Angry-SOFUS is called upon when I feel people treat me
absolutely outrageous.
It happens if I am touchy.
If people are touchy.
Or a little bit of both.
My head turns green.
From my forehead I feel horns are growing.
My eyes squint.
I make stuff-it! signs with my fingers.
My freckles become blue.
The corners of my mouth bend down.
And I hop and I spring seriously.
The wise man has told me, that anger is nothing but
accumulated sadness.
Unreleased sadness.
 Happiness is a part of human nature.
So is sadness.
It is a gift to your surroundings to show your sadness.
It is cool to show your sadness.
Never do as the ostrich.
It hides by putting it's head down into a hole.
Never hide your feelings of sadness by putting your head down into a hole.
 Don't pretend to be happy
when you are not.
And as your head is in a hole
you see nothing
you hear nothing
And you have no input to solve the problem.
Talk to somebody.
Do not talk to anybody.
Talk to somebody with two ears.
Two large ears.
Have you ever wondered
why man has two ears and one mouth?
It is because man is supposed to listen
twice as much as he talks.
You will know a listener on the large ears.
And you will experience that a listener next to you
when you need him.
If you dare risk yourself and open up,
why you are sad.
Everybody can become good listeners.
Have you just once met a good listener
you have learned it yourself.
Have you one time experienced the relief and the regained
energy by releasing your sadness.
Then you are ready to help others listening.
Two listeners are two friends.
The most important of all my SOFUS roles
is the role of Two-ears-one-mouth-SOFUS.
To release sadness.
To avoid anger.
To minimize embarrassment.
When you are released from sadness, anger, embarrassment
or any other kind of stress
you will stand on your head to
values and goals of the company.
 You are the excellent employee.
You are the most excellent counterpart.
You are the most excellent manager.
You are the most excellent cooperator.
You are the most excellent customer.
You want to stand on your head.
Standing on your head,
suddenly everything works out.
You become happy,
you become extremely proud,
you want to celebrate.
You can walk on the waters.
Enjoy it.
Enjoy it.
Enjoy it.
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