Storytelling motifs for a
by Asbjorn Lonvig, artist
My name is Vitus.
I am named from the famous seafarer and explorer
Vitus Bering, who was born in Horsens.
In 1681.
Vitus Bering joined the Russian navy as a second lieutenant under Peter the Great.
He distinguished himself during the Great Nordic War
and was promoted to commander.
Peter the Great asked him to lead the first and the second
Kamchatka expeditions, during which he discovered the
the North East Passage.
On the second expedition, which had 10.000 men, Vitus Bering explored and mapped
the Aleutian Range and the Aleutian Islands.
On the return journey from this second expedition he
died on an island 200 kilometers
east of the Kamchatka Peninsula.
That was in 1741.
This island was named
Bering Island,
the North East Passage was named
the Bering Strait and
the sea south of the strait was called
the Bering Sea.
Here I am.
 I have been created in colorful simplicity.
That is in simple shapes and bright colors.
A wise man says that this look
combined with stories is the most powerful way of communication of all.
And as storytelling became a hit
I understood that the optimal way of
communicating important messages
pedagogically was the combination of art works in colorful simplicity
and subtle and ingenious storytelling,
  addressing people's feelings
not their common sense.
I am red like my friend the owl Louis.
He is named from someone, too.
He is named from his fathers great grandfather,
probably the first social democrat in Denmark,
Louis Pio.
Louis Pio emigrated from Denmark to USA.
Probably voluntarily.
That's quite another story.
This I will tell you another day.
Most of the time I am happy
but I might be sad, yellow and blue.
Not all stories can be seen from a happy angle.
I can't smile all the time.
This is how I look when I tell about environmental issues.
Green and blue.
This is how Vitus Bering looked returning home from the first
Kamchatka expedition.
Often I need some help from my female companion.
Well, to be quite honest she is my girl friend.
Her name is VITUSIA.
As you know there is a famous prison in Horsens.
The Horsens State Prison.
It is an extremely good thing.
But there are some bad things about it too.
What's the problem about Brian?
One of my ancestors has worked in Horsens in the past.
He was the logo of a Trivial Pursuit like game about Horsens
shops and businesses.
When we introduced the game
the former mayor Mr. Jensen and I played
the game on the air in Horsens Radio.
I do not feel good in yellow.
Please let's drop that.
My media expert and I have been working with my smile.
I will drop the yellow smile.
Mrs. Santa always complains that Santa's red and white
clothes get so awfully black om Christmas Eve.
I have agreed to sweep all the chimneys in Horsens before
Christmas Eve.
I have finished the job now,
but it was a tough job.
I got black.
And I lost weight.
 My youngest son, he is called Bright Jakob,
as he was 6 years old he had been in the zoo
with the pre school class.
He wanted to tell me a story about the zebras.
He did not remember that word.
In stead he told a story about the prison horses.
Since then I love to be called a prison horse.
On the day of celebrating the new
Horsens States Prison in Enner,
I will let me draw in a large scale
60 x 60 cm
framed exclusively
and given as a gift from the Mayor of Horsens to
The Horsens States Prison.
As you see you can use me for nearly anything.
the poem of the month in the local newspaper
the world wide internet in english
accessible to everybody.
I need to finish the story about Vitus Bering.
No one knew what Vitus Bering looked like.
In 1991 Vitus Bering's 250 year anniversary was celebrated.
As a part of that an exhibition with Russian and Danish
archeologists was sent to Bering Island to find
the graves of Vitus Bering and 5 of his men.
 The graves were discovered and the remains were sent to Moscow,
which the inhabitants of Bering Island disagreed to as they would
like to celebrate Vitus, too.
Now he was in Moscow!!!
In Moscow forensic physicians recreated Vitus' appearance
based on his cranium.
And in 1992 Vitus and the 5 seamen were reburied on Bering Island.
Present were
the Governor of Alaska
the Mayor of Horsens.