I am very fond of writing - and good at it says the old editor
I have been writing a lot of things.
First of all I have written poems which are very short and exact with rhymes and subtlety and humor.
I have made lots of texts for booklets and that kind of stuff.
What I like most is writing articles for newspapers. I have written articles about very different subjects.

And children's books. That is the most demanding genre of all. You have to be inspired and even if you really work hard, you will never know if it is good enough. Even with the best intentions you might harm the child in the long run.

What are my dreams when it comes to writing?
My dreams are to interview interesting people and give my view of them by putting odd questions.

And I would like to write a book about.......................me............................and my family, about survival.
Now I have written an e-book about Red Cross Refugees building a sculpture, click here to se the e-book.
I write it in English and later on I translate it into Danish.
Later again I will translate the English version to other languages.
You can translate the English version into Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese and Spanish if you have the font of these languages by clicking on http://babelfish.altavista.com............you can copy and paste 150 words at a time.


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