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Portrait - Computer specialist - Artist, Designer, Idea Developer etc. 
My Biography.
Web Site References - companies, cities, municipalities, institutions, governments etc.
Web Site My house - my studio, gallery and private home - "Lille Fejringhus".
In the gallery - just now.

My artworks...graphic designs, gable paintings, sculptures...........
Web Site Silk-screen prints in limited edition - a motif made exclusively to a specific company. 
Tool Toy - A Hall Stand - A Clown with large feed. 
3 Posters to Danish Ministry of Environment and Energy. 
Logo - Graphic Design - Care & Hospital 1998. 
Textile Design - Soft Furnishings - Tall Charlie, Broadway, Montmartre. 
Graphic Design - Color Scheme - Bang & Olufsen, Denmark. 
Gable Painting - Gorms in Vejle - Puls in Brande. 
Huge Metallic Sculpture - By Motor way No. E45. 
Collage - A Graphic Interpretation of a Landmark - Hedensted. 
Painting - Acrylic on Canvas - The American Indian - Size 201 x 139 cm. 
Decoration - 12 Floral Motifs - For St. Mary Hospice. 
Travel as Inspiration - Motifs from all over the World. 
Collection of Posters made in 1994 at Forney, Paris (in French). Don't use this link if you have  chosen other languages than English in Multiple Languages - only use this link from the English version.
Decoration to Fritjof Madsens office building 2002.
Owl to Trine Zoffmann 2004.
Hans Christian Andersen - logo 2005 to the Festival Plays.
Hans Christian Andersen - logo 2004 to the Festival Plays.
Hans Christian Andersen - logo 2003 to the Festival Plays.
Hans Christian Andersen - logo 2002 to the Festival Plays (only in Danish).
Postcards to UNICEF.
Two ears one mouth to TDC boss (only in Danish).
Logo to a new company "BYG BEDRE A/S".
Danish Industry.

Artistic Concepts
Email My Artistic Concept is not that of Michelangelo's - or is it???????
 Email My storytelling concept.
Email The Interactive Lecture in Asbjorn Lonvig's art, design, storytelling, fairy tales....
Email Det Interaktive Foredrag af Asbjorn Lonvig, kunstner (in Danish).

Email How to communicate through pictures
Email Comment communiquer par des images (in French)
Email Sådan kommunikerer man via billeder (in Dansih)

Thanks to visitors - Traffic - Testimonials - Contact.
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