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2006 - a happy new year...
by Asbjorn Lonvig

Good morning - it's 1 January 2006.
Yesterday I performed all  traditional Danish rituals in order to enter 2006 in a happy way.
In order to make 2006 a Happy New Year.
A splendid seafood dinner, serpentines, table bombs, funny hats, lots of rockets etc.
Except one traditional Danish ritual.
I was not drunk.
No beer. No vine. No drinks. No champagne. Lots of mineral water.
My entrance to 2006 was vertical. Not horizontal as it often was.
I have no hangovers.
I have cleaned up my domestic domaine and I am ready to write.

I have decided that 2006 is a happy new year...
A wise man - a philosopher from Copenhagen - said at the end of 2005:
Don't put your life into an account. Live your life now - passionately.
Don't commit yourself to any New Year Resolutions.
Don't exercise.
Don't loose weight.
Don't quit smoking.
Don't put your life into an account. Live your life now - passionately.

The wise man of course said this with a smile.
But I sure see his point.

Here is how I'll try to live my artist life - now - passionately.

- Weekly domestic art initiatives.
- The World Wide Days project.
- The revival of the poster project.
- The Auctions project.
- Monthly interactive lecture in Lille Fejringhus Gallery.
- Monthly article to online and printed Art Magazines.
- Fairy Tales
- The book Museums of the world.
- Education, education and education.

Weekly domestic art initiatives.
Is about continuously being in touch with the domestic market.
By personally presenting new art works to potential buyers.
It's about earning a living.

World Wide Days.
Is about continue building a network of online galleries worldwide.
It's about optimizing existing exhibitions.
It's about adding new art works to the exhibitions.
It's about monitoring new exhibition possibilities.

Revival of the poster.
It's about marketing the print on demand of my art works.
Print on demand ordered online at my print partners in Salt Lake City, UT and Raleigh, NC.
Print on demand - prints on paper or canvas - ordered at Asbjorn Lonvig Digital Art Laboratory.

Is about auctioning art works on, and other auctions.
It's about maintaining skills about how to do it.
It's about optimising use of online auctions.

Monthly interactive lecture in Lille Fejringhus Gallery.
Is about deciding myself where and when to do interactive lectures.
Lille Fejringhus Gallery is the perfect place.
An interactive lecture is mentally exhausting, so only once a month would be nice.

Monthly article to online and printed Art Magazines.
Is about being on the move, about telling the stories, that an artist must tell.
It is about a kind of relaxation.
A visual artist relaxes when he expresses himself literally.

Fairy Tales.
Inuit Circumpolar Area culture and especially Greenlandish culture are the inspiration to a series of new fairy tales in children's books. The Laura-project it is called.
I'll visit Greenland in 2006.
The fairy tale series the Lucca-project has been translated from English into Dansih, German, French, Italian, Japanese and Chinese.
In 2006 a bilingual edition in English and Persian (Arabic) will be published.

Museums of the world
Is about Editorial Croquis, which is a printed art magazine and a publishing company in Buenos Aires that has run some of my articles about art museums in Spanish.
The director and editor of Editorial Croquis Martin Enriques Gil has recently asked me to write a book "The Museums of the World by Asbjorn Lonvig", published by Editorial Croquis in Danish, Portuguese, Spanish and English.
And I have answered: I'll do it, I'll find out how.
In 2006 I'll do something about it. Layout. Edition sizes. Sponsor contracts. The first visits to museums etc. 

Education, education and finally education.
Is about using computer and internet in art and art marketing.
I have to continuously improve my skills in this area - even if I originally was a trained IBM software specialist.
In 2006 my skills concerning using Adobe Illustrator CS2 must be raised to a professional level.

Some years - the leading art information company in the market - pronounced that the art market would increase to 3,5 times the existing art market because of computers and internet.
Since then I have concentrated 100 % on using computer and internet.
During this period of time I have got a lot of condescending response.
I believe the whole art market now is realizing that was right.

In 2006 condescension will be replaced by acceptance???

My way - I am proud of doing it my way.
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2006 - a happy new year...Art News Artblog by Asbjorn Lonvig.
2006 - a happy new year...Art News Artblog by Asbjorn Lonvig.
2006 - a happy new year...Art News Artblog by Asbjorn Lonvig.
2006 - a happy new year...Art News Artblog by Asbjorn Lonvig.