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This web site presents my way of making art and design.
My view of art and design is controversial.
When I make drafts I use a pencil, a filling knife, a brush, a computer or something else.
What you see in this web site is made with one of these tools.
Many images on this web site and the online galleries
are drafts not yet painted, printed, erected as sculptures or whatever the intention of the drafts might be.
My way is in known terms a kind of combination of normal "art for sale", "art on demand",
and "commissioned art work".

In short: Consider this site a show window
be inspired
if what you see is not what you want
I'll create what you want.

Genre: Colorful Simplicity.
People call me an artist or artist/designer - to keep it simple, I do so too.

I know that some people
don't like (..even disgust) me,  my style, my  tools  and the way of promoting my art works.
I accept that.
I concentrate upon serving those who 
accept (..even love) me, my style, my tools and my way of promoting my art works.
See artistic concept  and  
copyrights, business concept and disclaimer,
where I very clearly explain,
 how I work.
I am proud of doing it my way.

Asbjorn Lonvig

see Asbjorn Lonvig's
Copyright - Business Concept - Disclaimer

attention - my way - controversial
attention - my way - controversial
attention - my way - controversial
attention - my way - controversial
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