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to a local water work from BG Bank

by Asbjorn Lonvig, artist/designer
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h2o, bg bank, waterworks
80 x 80 cm

How was it made?


At first I have to do some research.
And have an idea.
I ride my bike the same tour every day.
It takes an hour or an hour and a half depending on the weather, my legs etc.
My tour goes through the huge metallic sculpture symbolizing two giant Hs in Hedensted.
I ride the tour despite of rain and storm.

One day I got the idea,
it had to be the chemical formula of water:
The two H's in the sculpture refers to the city of Hedensted: H
And the fresh air and all the oxygen I need on my rides gives the: O

I make a draft in my head – that's why I always work in simple shapes –  and then I draw it on my computer , when I return home.
I send an e-mail pointing to a web page with the drawing to the customer and ask if that's it?

If it is, I do the original.
In this case it is a 80 x 80 cm collage.
In other cases it might be a painting, a sculpture, a.......
For collages I have preprinted silk screen printed paper in red, yellow, green and blue.
I have white and black, too.
Every single color is cut out and mounted on the collage.
During this process I make corrections to the motif.

When I am happy with the outcome, I sign the collage with my name
and year and write the title of the collage in the lower left corner.

I frame it, and now I have to stop,
I must deliver the collage to the bank this afternoon.



Asbjorn Lonvig

My way - I am proud of doing it my way.
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H2O - BG Bank - water work
H2O - BG Bank - water work
H2O - BG Bank - water work
H2O - BG Bank - water work
H2O - BG Bank - water work
H2O - BG Bank - water work
H2O - BG Bank - water work
H2O - BG Bank - water work