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by Asbjorn Lonvig
, artist/designer
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In this biography I will concentrate upon why I became an artist
and my personal background for becoming nothing else.
I was born in 1949 in the Danish city Brande, which since then has become famous for its murals
of which - of course - the most popular is that of mine.

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My father was a very busy man avoiding any domestic conflicts by telling a joke,
leave home and work, work, work.
My mother was psychologically extremely unbalanced -
for reasons I understand better today.
I  was supposed to have been a girl.
But I surely was a boy.
I had to do everything on my own.
I never have really talked to anybody until recently.
I became a loner.
The only baggage from my childhood was to accomplice something in order to
have any attention.
And to avoid feelings by joking and working.
I became a loner and a fighter.
Fighting for mental survival.
I had all the "success" that anybody could want.
I was a very bright student in school.
I was a very talented soccer player.
I was a very talented yachtsman.
I had the most beautiful girlfriend with a rich family.
I graduated from high school and I had a little attention,
but just a little.
I was married a loving, good looking, beautiful rich girlfriend and got a little attention,
but just a little.
I had three wonderful sons and got a little attention,
but just a little.
I was educated in computer science - graduating with "a straight A" and I got a little attention,
but just a little.
I became the boss of a municipality's computer department and I got a little attention,
but just a little.
I started my own businesses in the computer world.
I became a managing director and later chairman of the board of my own companies.
I suddenly got some attention.
It was devastating.
I sold the companies becoming one of the first computer millionaires in Denmark.
I became an artist.
A successful artist.
Being a millionaire and a successful artist I had my parent's - their family and friends' - full attention.
That was what it took.

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As I realized this I took a break to recover from that lifelong depression
due to a total lack of reasonable values.
As I had reached the goals I was taught -
and reviled the emptiness of those goals - sure a break was necessary.
In this period of time I made the paintings in "Sad Days" - Exhibition of Paintings.

They are existential, very emotional expressionistic paintings.
I went back to a new life.
I became a person.
I became me.
Alowing myself to feel.
Figuring out my own goals.
I re-found my own very unique artistic expression -
for the right reasons - in simple shapes and bright colors.
Which is not only an artistic expression - it's an attitude of life.
My artist statement is: Colorful Simplicity in Art as in Life.

Sincerely yours,
biography - Asbjorn Lonvig
Asbjorn Lonvig, artist
"Lille Fejringhus"
43 Fejringhusvej
DK-8722 Hedensted
Phone: +45 7589 0477
Mobile: +45 2047 1179
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 "Lille Fejringhus"
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The five winged building contains gallery, studio and private dwelling.

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