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Coloring book

Happy Traffic

It is dangerous
not to watch out
for the risks in traffic.

Lucca and Sam live in a place where the traffic is not so heavy.
Even so they have to take care.
Happy Henry is a car.
He is in fact a sports car.
Sports cars sometimes drive awfully fast.
But Happy Henry is, as you maybe can see,
a friendly car.
He drives carefully.
Mike the Bike
sometimes takes a ride on his own.
Especially when it rains nobody will ride him.
Then he puts on his Wellingtons.
He doesn't care about rainy weather.
And he drives carefully.

Joe the truck is working most of the time.
You can see him on the highway -
you can see him in the city.
Joe the truck is a friendly driver.
And he drives carefully.

Belinda the Bus takes Lucca and Sam to school, and when she has finished
that job she drives a group of older people to the bowling center.
Just before she picks up Lucca and Sam from school,
she brings a team of basketball players to Ford City from
She is busy all day
but she always drives carefully.
She must not forget to drive carefully.
That is why this sign has been set up by the road.
Sometimes Belinda drives people on holiday in
other countries.
Can you tell where she had been on this trip?
Belinda saw this sign
in Norway.
Belinda saw this sign
in Sweden.
Belinda saw this sign
in Denmark.
Belinda saw this sign
in Germany.
Belinda saw this sign
in the Netherlands.
Belinda saw this sign
 in France.
Belinda saw this sign
in Spain.
The sun shines nearly all the time in Spain.
The baby on the sign has got a suntan.
 Once Sam and

 his father
visited Sam's grandma and grandpa in America.
Happy Henry could not take them because of the Atlantic Ocean.
Mike the Bike couldn't take them either.
Joe was busy moving stuff from one city to another.
Belinda had plans of her own.
They had to fly.
Fortunately 747
with the surname Boeing
could take them.
747 flew carefully.

In the city where Sam's grandpa lived
there was a harbor and a river.
Theophile the Tug took them for a sightseeing trip
in the harbor and on the river.
Theophile sailed carefully.
As they were out sightseeing in the city
where Sam's grandma and grandpa lived
they saw this sign
and in the same moment
there was a terrible noise.
A road hog on a motorbike drove by very fast.
Noise, noise, noise.
It was extremely dangerous.
For the pedestrians and for the road hog himself.
Suddenly Brian
that was the name of the road hog
saw the sign
He slowed his motorbike down and
he felt very embarrassed.
Now Brian drives carefully, too.
 And even in Japan and China
the baby asks people to drive carefully.

From all of us to all of you:
Drive carefully.