Every time something new happens in Asbjorn Lonvig's Studio and Gallery Lille Fejringhus you can read about it in Colorful NEWS. It is about projects inside the framework of Asbjorn Lonvig's Artist Statement Colorful Simplicity in Art as in Life. Projects about launching new motifs, building huge sculptures, writing fairy tales, writing articles, publishing Children's Books and Art Books etc.

Art News is published by absolutearts.com - the largest contempory gallery on the internet.
I have accepted to write an article on a monthly basis.

Hello Asbjorn,

I hope your new idea works! You continue to create all types of work - be they art or ideas.
We are working on another project here - absolutearts.com is starting a new column on the homepage and in the newsletter in the form of a blog - or running diary - written by 12 different artists, curators, collectors and gallerists from around the world.
Each writer will be asked to publish a blog once a month.
Our aim is to provide dedicated arts professionals with additional online coverage and, at the same time, offer our readers and visitors quality insight to a variety of arts perspectives.
Is this something in which you would able to participate?
We thought you might be interested due to your seriousness about your art career and your ability to clearly communicate your views.
Please email me as soon as possible.
We will be setting up a schedule and online interface for the authors in the next weeks.
Our goal is to launch be the first of next month.
Look forward to hearing from you!
Jodi Melfi, editor
Art News



Jodi has a B.F.A. from Columbus College of Art and Design.

Art News artikler - af Asbjørn Lønvig.
"Colorful News"
"Be careful out there"

"Interactive Lecture"

"Christmas Mood"

"Improving my English"

"Cerebral Thrombosis"

"Once upon a time..."


"Who is Aros - who is Bill..."

"How to communicate through pictures..."

"Corporate valuez..zzzz..."

"To moms, to dads, to grannies..."

"Exposure - a never ending visit to the dentist..."

"Hi sculptor...I mean you!!!"

"New Carlsberg Glyptotek"

"Matisse and Louisiana..."
"Playhouse inspired by Gaudi..."
"A whole playground with playhouses..."
"Revival of the Art Poster..."

"2006 - a happy new year..."

"Search Engine Strategies for Success: 2006"

A National Gallery, a Dutchman called Rembrandt and HIGHLIGHTS

Huge sculptures in spectacular places - how?

Digital Prints on Canvas???

Fairy Tales in a new medium - Fairy Tale Posters...

Letter to European Parliament...

Racing Cars - The Art Dimension...

My User Portal Concept...

Merchandise...On-demand manufacturing...

Art works on church tower...Beatles on organ...

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TOPTEN exhibition in Rome

at ARTROM Gallery Guild

November 30th 2011 to January 15th 2012

The ARTROM Gallery GUILD in Rome, Italy is a world-wide showcase of outstanding artists and designers.
All AGG Members were selected as Winners of an ARTROM Gallery Competition, or they applied to become a Member, and were accepted through a jury review.


ARTROM Gallery has decided to dedicate the first exhibition in the season to the presentation of artists

who were chosen as winners or finalists in ARTROM Gallery’s previous International Art Competitions.

ARTROM Gallery Guild: “We are impressed with your work. For this exhibition we would be interested in

presenting your prints.”
Asbjorn Lonvig is one of the 10 selected artists.
He will show works with the theme "Perception".



Technical information on the art works.

Technically they are exclusive fine art prints numbered and signed by Asbjorn Lonvig,
printed on Hahnemühle Museum Etching 350gsm Fine Art paper using pigment based archival inks,
for pigment load maximization and light fastness augmentation.
Aftercare using Hahnemühle Protection Spray redoubles sustainability.
Size is: 84 x 59,4 cm (33.1” x 23.4”) + 5 cm (2”) of margin on all sides.
Price is US$ 2,000 each.

They are produced according to the10 dogmas stated in Asbjorn Lonvig’s concept “The World’ Best in Fine Art…Nothing Less”. 



About perception – about symbolism


Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:

Perception is the process of attaining awareness or understanding of the environment by organizing and interpreting sensory information. All perception involves signals in the nervous system, which in turn result from physical stimulation of the sense organs.


English writer and dramatist Douglas Adams (*1952)

Everything you see or hear or experience in any way at all is specific to you. You create a universe by perceiving it, so everything in the universe you perceive is specific to you.


Swiss psychiatrist C. G. Jung (*1875):

The essence of C. G. Jung’s theory on perception is that much seemingly random variation in behavior is actually quite orderly and consistent, being due to basic differences in the way individuals prefer to use their perception and judgment.


Chinese Philosopher Confucius (*551 BC):

Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it.

To know is to know that you know nothing. That is the meaning of true knowledge.

When we see men of a contrary character, we should turn inwards and examine ourselves.




Perception I                                        Perception II



Asbjorn Lonvig has made these works because he wants to establish perception is psychologically and philosophically one of the most important issues to humanity.

The art work consists of 2 motifs.

2 motifs which seen separately are seemingly identical.

However if you look closer you will realize that they are not – not at all.

Few elements are identical – the theme is the same but the actual shapes are not.

They symbolize different perceptions of the same incident or object.

They symbolize that two or more incidents or objects will be conceived differently by different human beings when their sense organs, like sight, hearing, sense of smell etc. are stimulated.

Everything an individual sees, hears, smells etc. or experiences in any way at all is specific to that individual.

Perception is the outcome of the individual’s inheritance and experiences to make things orderly and consistent.


People must accept the individuality of perception.

Perception is individual and questionable.

Perception is not to know.

Perception is to know nothing.

To know is to know that you know nothing

Guestbook on Absolutearts in Columbus Ohio
New posts to my guest book:

For many years, I always enjoy seeing your art features here on absolute, and I saw you on home page again today....I love your Stage 21 Passing by South Rose Window. Awesome !!t
Debra Ann Reilly

Great Work! Bold and Colorful
Ginger - LSWmag@gmail.com

Dear, I think with time you are creating new ideas, forms, compositions and colour arrangements. I appriciate your creative Idias and wish that you continue to work on variaty of forms.
Dear Lonvig, Your works in every media are excellent.

Really enjoy your work Asbjorn. Love the colour.
Sue Wellington

You have great work! Congratulations

Paulo Zerbato

Wallpaper etc. with Asbjorn Lonvig's motifs
Multiplying Asbjorn Lonvig Motifs

Asbjorn Lonvig has made drafts for wallpaper etc. using his Colorful Simplicity Style.
Besides wallpaper the multiplying of motifs can be used for curtains, carpets, tableclouth, chair decoration, fabric (for instance Children's Clothes, bedlinen, art posters, shoes, clocks and much more).
In the past he made a couple of designs for curtains.
The difficult part of making multiplyed designs is to be aware of the repeat problem.
Multiplyed designs often
are printed on fabric and paper by using  the surface of a rotating cylinder.
For each resolution the motif is printed once.
The motif has to be designed in a way that the finish of the first resolution matches the start of the second resolution etc.

Multiplyed Asbjorn Lonvig Motifs

Golden Pavilion/Golden Trouts

Arctic Trouts

The Speckled Flag

Mosaic Casale di san Basilio

Ice Crystals

Centre Pompidou, Paris

42 motifs inspired by the Tour de France 2011
Every year I look forward to the World's most prestigious cycling race, The Tour de France.
My summer holiday is adjusted to the Tour de France schedule and the 21 stages.
In 2010 I decided to make a motif inspired by the major events of each stage.
At the stage number 12 I simply could not keep up the pace.
I had to quit the race.
In 2011 I have adjusted my tactics and I start making the motif exactly as the rides cross the finish line.
This year I managed to keep up pace and I stayed in the race all 21 stages.
By arriving in Paris and by finishing on Champs Elysees I had a great boost.
From the last stage In Paris I made 21 motifs (yes, 21 motifs).

Read more


Stage 1 to 21 - motifs inspired
by each of the stage
Please click on an image below and you will be guided to my Absolute Art's Portfolio. In my AbsoluteArts Portfolio you can see description, size, price, media, enlargement etc.



How to work with
The Tour de France 2012

The Motif of Today's Stage.
During the evening I finish designing the motif of today's stage.
 I upload the motif to online galleries.

First of all to a "manufacturing on demand" on-line gallery,
which means that people all over the world can buy products immediately.
Products are Posters, T-shirts, Ties, Shoes, etc. designed by me using the motif of the stage. (See samples on Zazzle.com/lonvig).
prints on Hahnemühle Museum Etching 350gsm Fine Art Paper.

Read more

Stage 21 "extra"-motifs inspired by Stage 21 and by Paris
Please click on an image below and you will be guided to my AbsoluteArt's Portfolio.
In my AbsoluteArts Portfolio you can see description, size, price, media, enlargement etc.

Read more


US Postal Stamps

My intention is to distribute US Postal stamps, too.

US Postal insists on the Tour de France owners (ASO) permission due to not infringe ASO's intellectual rights.
Together with The Royal Danish Embassy in Paris I have asked ASO to be granted this permission.

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Exhibition in Paris

The Royal Danish Embassy in Paris and I furthermore have considerations concerning exhibiting the motifs in
Paris in size 84 x 59,4 cm (33.1” x 23.4”),
printed in 1 inks on Hahnemühle Canvas Artist Canvas 340 gsm - one of a kind - and 210 numbered and signed Fine Art prints on Hahnemühle Museum Etching 350gsm Fine Art Paper. The question is if the 3 Danish galleries in Paris might be a possibility, or there are other galleries that are better suited.

Read more


"Renewed Coat of Arms" to the Mayor of Paris
he Royal Danish Embassy in Paris and I are considering how to present the motif "Renewed Coat of Arms" to the major of Paris.
and 210 numbered and signed Fine Art.

Read more
The World's Best in Fine Art...Nothing Less. 325+ Fine Art works by Asbjorn Lonvig

Asbjorn Lonvig has selected the best of his motifs. They are for sale as 1 inks on Hahnemühle quality canvas and 210 numbered and signed Fine Art prints on Hahnemühle quality paper.

"Portofino", 84 x 59.4 (33.1” x 23.4”)
Edition 210

He uses IT in every possible aspect of his work. He loves the delicate combination of new and old. Asbjorn Lonvig combines the IT based art with the canvas and paper from Germany's eldest in the field Hahnemühle founded in 1584. To the right you see the Hahnemühle Hologram used in the Certificate of Authenticity issued to every print. Asbjorn Lonvig has thoroughly researched the IT market in order to achieve the controversial goal: "The World's Best in Fine Art...Nothing less". Hewlett Packard equipment turned out to be the ultimate tool to fulfill his aspirations. It offers tools to easily perform calibration and greatly accurate color matching of high pigmented inks.
Resulting in sustainability of 100 - 225 years depending on archive methods.

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Asbjorn Lonvig granted The World Art Award for the World's Best in Art & Creativity

Danish artist Asbjorn Lonvig has been selected to receive 2006 The World of Art Award for the Best in Art & Creativity.

The World of Art Award (WAA) is granted to artists, galleries and museums that are pursuing "best practices" in art and culture.

This competition seeks to attract artists, galleries, museums who are redefining standards
of art excellence challenging existing trends and tendencies in art and culture.

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The Art Book ”Creative GENIUS":

Masters of Today  Limited, London, UK will in Autumn 2011 launch the Art Book ”Creative GENIUS”. 100 artists from all over the world have been chosen. One of the 100 artists is Asbjorn Lonvig.

21.5 x 21.5 inches


The Art Book "The World's Best in Fine Art...Nothing Less" is published on 1st August 2011 or even before

Cover of the Art Book:

Asbjorn Lonvig says:
"10 years ago or so, a French Art Magazine - the world leader in Art   Market Information - that the art market would become 3,5 times larger than the present market due to the INTERNET.

At that time I had worked with art in traditional ways for several years.
Before that I was a Software Engineer by IBM.
On the spot I dropped traditional ways and started using computer and INTERNET in any context possible.
All existing works were converted to digital and all new works were created digitally.
Only On line Galleries were used for exhibitions.
During the first years I was sincerely mocked by people from all over the world.
I was surprised to see the hateful rhetoric.
I tried to enter into a dialog, but nothing was to be discussed.
Time passed by.
Digital art became nearly permissible.
I was granted the World Art Award for my work in London, UK.
I was granted two more, one in Rome and one in Montreal.
I was appointed member of International Society of Artists and Designers in Rome, Italy.
Critics compared me to Mondrian, Miró, Kandinsky, and Warhol.
The French author Alain Johannes, Paris even compared me to the composer Johann Sebastian Bach, “...it takes a singular intent in the layout, in script, rudimentary forms of brightly colored”.
We now had passed the tipping point,
Digital Art was no more dubious – it was kind of trendy."

The Configuration that makes

"The World's Best in Fine Art...Nothing Less"

Read about further information.


Critics compare Asbjorn Lonvig's Art to Mondrian's, Miró's, Kandinsky's, and Warhol's.

By clicking on one of the image sbelow  you can see 25 art works from each selected by Asbjorn Lonvig, at the same time you can read the their profile on Wikipedia - the free encyclopedia.





Read more
- Biography on each of the famous artists from Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.


Author Alain Joannes, Paris compares Asbjorn Lonvig to the composer Johan Sebastian Bach!!!

The composer was organizing motifs melodic and harmonic in an architecture known personally. And one notices a dramatic subjectivity in the organization, apparently neutral, standardized musical figures. Similarly in the work of Asbjorn Lonvig, it takes a singular intent in the layout, in script, rudimentary forms of brightly colored.

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Asbjorn Lonvig's fairy tales are being published. 

Some books are already published on LuluPress. All of the books will be published on LuluPress as soon as possible.


In the Zoo with Sam and Lucca, in Chinese

In the Zoo with Sam and Lucca, in Arabic

Frederic the Frog, in English

Read more
See Fairy Tales in up to 15 languages  

French  author Alain Joannes, Paris praises Asbjorn Lonvig's Art to the skies in his new book "Comment communiquer par des images".

The Book is titled "Comment communiquer par des images" in French and "How to Communicate through pictures" in English. It was presented at the renowned "Salon du Livre" exhibition in Paris.

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Offer to exhibit in physical galleries around the world and 8 pieces of advice to the alternative: Artist's Massive Presence on the Internet.

here is a new trend in the art world.
More and more physical galleries around the world are threatened by on-line galleries. The effect of this threat is that physical galleries offers artists exhibition opportunities in return for paying a (huge) fee.
Asbjorn Lonvig was invited to exhibit in a Gallery in Chelsea in New York. The up front payment, that the gallery was not at all fair. Usually galleries share the risk.
To artist's the alternative is massive presence on the INTERNET.
This presence is achieved through artist's knowledge of the INTERNET possibilities.
Here Asbjorn Lonvig gives the fellow artists 7 important pieces of advise and an 8th piece of advice, about which he has some doubts:

Read more


Publishing children' books on

LuluPress.com, Raleigh, North Carolina:
LuluPress.com brings the world of on-line book publishing to you. Looking to self-publish? Lulu's print on demand (POD) solutions make it quick and easy. Create a book in minutes, publish with the click of a mouse, distribute, sell and print books to order. It's that simple. Trying to make a photo book? Want to make your own calendar? Our easy-to-use on line publishing tool allows you to publish and print your own high-quality photo book or calendar in minutes. Want to convert your book into an e Book? We've got you covered. With Lulu you can self publish and distribute your e Book in e Pub format making it compatible with the Apple iPad, Sony Reader, Stanza and more. Not looking to make a book or print a book? Lulu has a great selection of books, cheap textbooks, photo books and eBooks for you to buy. With our great prices and free shipping deals, shopping for books at Lulu is an easy choice!   
Two Books have been published in English.
They are about a family who buys a dog (a Beagle). The father is skeptical because he does not think he has time enough to look after the dog. However, he becomes so fond of the dog that he decides to bring up and train the dog himself. Unfortunately, things do not turn out the way he thinks and hopes. Time after time things go wrong and very far from what he had expected, which results in a number of comical and bizarre situations.
The 2 books have been published In Danish, too.

Read more


The Burke/Lonvig Model
- about 
using advanced IT tools in combination with Art tools and theoretical psychology to rise skills in creativity

The Burke/Lonvig Model has the goal to train participants' brains in creativity using advanced IT tools in combination with art and theoretical psychology and proven psychological methods and models.
The Burke/Lonvig Model lets participants understand the basis for rising skills in creativity, and thereby become better players in a globalized world where innovation is the keyword.


Stephen Joseph Burke is Organizational Psychologist and Asbjorn Lonvig is Artist, Designer, Fairy Tale Writer and Software Engineer by IBM.
The Burke/Lonvig Model joins their core competences.

Internet presence
The Burke/Lonvig Model is made available  for free at www.BurkeLonvig.com
See The Burke/Lonvig Model on the web

Seminars by the people behind the Burke/Lonvig Model themselves -
Stephen Joseph Burke and Asbjorn Lonvig - will be made available from 1st of August 2012.
You can book a seminar now by sending an e-mail on burkelonvig@mail.dk
Stephen Joseph Burke or Asbjorn Lonvig then will contact you for your needs, number of participants, duration, place etc.
"Place" can be anywhere in the world.
(The reason why
Stephen Joseph Burke and Asbjorn Lonvig are not available at present is that Stephen Joseph Burke is busy with a job as International HR Director in the LEGO Organisation and Asbjorn Lonvig is busy with a job to launch his new concept "The World's Best in Fine Art...Nothing Less".)

Stephen Joseph Burke and Asbjorn Lonvig have
decided that
you can investigate The Burke/Lonvig Model on the web for free. However without guidance this task might be difficult.

Page 1 of  Power Point Show
of the Burke/Lonvig Model.
There are 30 Power Point shows.


Asbjorn Lonvig's Recent Sales shown on Google Map

In the Google Map system you can register the geography of customers.
Asbjorn Lonvig's recent sales are in USA/Canada, Europe, Japan, Australia and China.

See an enlargement of the map  - click on the Map.


Team Rynkeby rides to Paris from Denmark and Sweden sponsoring The Danish Childhood Cancer Foundation and the Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation.

The Danish and Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundations are non-profit associations financed by donations and bequests. The Foundations receive no financial support from the state, county councils or municipalities.

Asbjorn Lonvig sponsors Team Rynkeby and The Danish and Swedish Childhood Cancer by offering a series of 10 numbered and signed prints size 84 x 59,4 cm on Hahnemühle Fine Art Paper 350 gsm produced in accordance of the 10 dogmas in "The World's Best in Fine Art...Nothing Less", which means superb sustainability and print colors.
There is a signed original print on canvas as well,
which is the most expensive.

Click on the image and see it enlarged.

Read more on http://www.boernecancerfonden.dk/


Asbjorn Lonvig sponsors FIRST NATIONS FILMS

First Nations Film distributes and creates award-winning television Aboriginal documentary films and videos for, by and about First Nations people. Our exclusive educational native programs are shared with schools, universities, libraries, organizations and other groups and institutions throughout the world. Please visit our website for a complete list and video highlights from each film. Buy online at the website.

The sponsoring is about giving permission to use "The American Indian" in relation to the FIRST NATIONS organization.


Asbjorn Lonvig appointed one of the Danish artist to participate in "2011 International Exhibition" in South Africa.

A South African Art Publisher MMX Art in Cape Town contacted me. MMX Art alias 2010 International Fine Art is licensed to use the phrase “Official Licensed Products of the 2010 FIFA World Cup™” by FIFA.

5 artists from each of the 32 qualifying countries to 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa™ were selected to participate in the 2010 International Fine Art project and form the 2010 International Fine Art Collection.

After signing a contract I got the “Artistic Brief”:

“The world is coming home to Africa, the cradle of humankind, the site where the story of our species started.  It is – in essence – the home of all humanity.  It is also the location for the greatest sporting event in the world – the 2010 FIFA World CupTM – the first time in its history that the tournament has been staged in Africa.

The artwork must bring together the elements of this African heritage and fuse it with the energy and excitement of the World Cup, the heights of athletic excellence, the favor of football enthusiasts, and pride of your country’s participation in the tournament. The original must incorporate at least an element of football in order to celebrate this extraordinary event being brought to African soil.”

First Draft - Not approved by FIFA
"South African Joy", Asbjorn Lonvig, 2010
84 x 59,4 cm (33.1” x 23.4”).

Second Draft - Approved by FIFA
"South African Joy", Asbjorn Lonvig, 2010
84 x 59,4 cm (33.1” x 23.4”).

Read more.
Supporting the Gay Community in San Francisco

Asbjorn Lonvig supports many charity programs, especially when they benefit minority organizations.
Recently he was asked to support the gay community in San Francisco by MCCSF, which is a Christian Church Organization supporting Gay's rights.
San Francisco is renowned for hosting a lot of gays. It becomes evident when you see all the Gay flags in San Francisco's windows and streets.
MCCSF asked for permission to use Asbjorn Lonvig's motif "Golden Gay" in newsletters etc. to announce the yearly Pride Parade.
Asbjorn Lonvig believed he could further support this matter by designing an e-shop called "SF GAY SHOP. Asbjorn created products on this shop on the basis of "Golden Gay", 1080 Haight Street, "The SF Gay Area - The SF Bay Area and a motif titled "San Francisco". Originally San Francisco is named after Francis of Assisi, whose comprehension of Christianity meant that he would obviously have supported the gay community.

Recently the
Oscar winning actress Charlize Theron, who looks like a silly blond, but indeed is not, said in a fantastic Piers Morgan Tonight interview:
"It's a divine right," she says of the right to get hitched, which last week was extended to gay couples in New York, and when government starts to tell us who can love and what is good love, whether government or a government built on a certain religion, I do have a problem with that. If you want to bring it back to the politics...I do have a problem with the fact that our government hasn't stepped up enough to make this federal, to make this legal"

Read more


More than 50 on-line galleries exhibit Asbjorn Lonvig art works around the world

Asbjorn Lonvig has made a web page with the names, countries, and cities of each of the on-line galleries.
Note that there are galleries in Buenos Aires, Tokyo, New York, London, Paris, Rome, and Madrid.

Read more


Asbjorn Lonvig's Studio Lille Fejringhus, with gallery and private dwelling
Lille Fejringhus was built in 1988.
It is built in solid, rustic materials where close attention has been paid to every little detail. The building contains a gallery, studio and private dwelling.
The house is built in brick with white scoured walls and wooden floors.
Different ceilings have been used in the individual sections of the house and the individual sections are on split levels.
The house is high-ceilinged - in particular in the gallery.
Special glazing has been used in the gallery and family room.

In the gallery the gable window continues up into the roof.
In the family room a special glass tower has been constructed which sends light into the house.
According to the Chairman of the Board, Neil Kzokoss, Chicago Athenaeum, the house is located "in the middle of nowhere".
This is, however, quite deliberate, as the place has primarily been chosen out of consideration for our children's upbringing. The area offers good school facilities, recreational facilities, etc., and it is still less than an hour to Billund's international airport and to the, by Danish standards, large cities of Århus and Odense.
The basic point of departure for the building was that it was to form the physical framework for my wife's and my work with requirements for work room and exhibition facilities as well as providing the framework for our private family life where 3 children and 4 turtles would have all the space they required.
There is thus a separate children's wing with its own entrance. Here the children have their rooms and a large communal activity room.
We have spent much time and effort on designing, drawing and, finally, building a model of the house.
The house has been visited by thousands of both Danes and foreigners and it has received both national and international coverage in the press and journals of architecture.

Click on the image above and see a video about Lille Fejringhus


Inspired by Lille Fejringhus.
A journalist even wrote a poem:

Journalist Eva Redekop from Berlingske - one of the largest media houses in Denmark - even wrote a poem:

In the twilight, seen from the garden,
it looks like a ship which is rushing forward
out of the dream-blue nothingness
carrying sparkling ladies and dark,
gallant men of film star stature
who waltz with burning passion
in the crystal-lit salons
without sweating.

If you only look at the low,
white bed-room part
with the small windows,
you think of the Mediterranean,
and for an instant
you are sitting with your back
against a sun-warm wall
breathing in the exciting aromas of the air

If, however, you look at the house
in the glaring Danish December light
and in a completely sober state, well,
then it looks like
one of those modern churches
right in the middle of the brown-knolled,
newly developed field
in Hedensted near Vejle.


Tour de France 2011
only 12 motifs from the 21 stages

Asbjorn Lonvig is following each stage of The Tour de France 2011. On TV it is.
Every day Asbjorn Lonvig makes an art work with a motif from the recent stage.
Last year he could not keep up the speed. He  quit in stage 12.
This year - 2011 - it is his goal to stay in the race for all 21 stages.


Multiplying Asbjorn Lonvig Motifs - samples


by Asbjorn Lonvig

My dreams

I dream that I never more have to exhibit physically.
I dream I can exhibit on several on-line INTERNET galleries simultaneously all over the world.
I dream I can offer prints of my drafts to anybody in the world.
I dream potential buyers will download my different flayers and brochures in multiple languages.
I dream about making my fairy tales in multiple languages and exhibit them on-line.
I dream about showing my storytelling concept - illustrations and writing - on-line.

My dreams have come through

Do I challenge art traditions?
Indeed I do.

Some traditionalists are deeply choked when they hear that my on-line images in exhibitions
on galleries world wide and on my own web site a
re digital images.
I use the potential of the new technology to the extreme.
To the benefit of my customers.
To the benefit of me.
I look upon a computer as a tool...Nothing but a tool.
Like a pencil.
Like a brush.

Like a spatula.
Like coal.

Like chalk.

The tool doesn't make art.

And the future...
The world leader in Art Market Information says,  that the art market will become 3,5 times larger than the present market due to the INTERNET. The art market will be turned upside down.
It has just begun.
Hang on.
A decade ago no sane computer specialist would have dared predict this development.
The INTERNET philosophy was not possible because of lack of common communication standards.
It was not thinkable.
But fact is that the world wide web popped up.
But fact is Microsoft popped up.
Windows and Explorer became (kind of) world standards.
It did happen!

What does this ongoing revolution mean to art?

The artist and his customers take over.
The ordure of height culture evaporates.
So does the lady in sable.
Good painters are no more height culture icons - more like rock stars.
Is the well known artist he who exhibits on Guggenheim in New York?
Or is it he who has 155905 hits every single day?
The influence of museum people, gallery people, curators will diminish.


I can't imagine.
It's not thinkable.
Will major software developers or maybe major search engine companies end up in a battle about setting standards?
A battle about dominance.
We don't know.
We don't know any company name today - the company probably doesn't exist yet.
One thing is sure.
It'll happen in a way nobody can predict.

What to do?
I just have to be open-minded and closely observe new technologies.
Investigate them and use them.

And Silicon Valley!?

Years ago IBM's people in Palo Alto praised my software work to the skies.
Now that I'm back in Silicon Valley - as an artist - I hope that you will praise my work to the skies.


Asbjorn Lonvig's
projects  on You tube.
Asbjorn Lonvig's
projects on Facebook


Asbjorn Lonvig's on-line Galleries worldwide.
New York, Paris, London, Rome

Asbjorn Lonvig


Danske Bank
8 Vesterbrogade

8722 Hedensted


Bank number: 9125
Account number:


IBAN: DK4330006225613638


Asbjorn Lonvig
43 Fejringhusvej
8722 Hedensted
Tel. (+45) 75890477

CIR/VAT: 14021337

Email: lonvig@mail.dk
Web: www.lonvig.dk


Asbjorn Lonvig's Copyrights
are administered by Copydan, Denmark
. Asbjorn Lonvig has
the contract number 1549.


If you want to use an art work
for some purpose like a book cover, marketing or product design, please contact copydan@copydan.dk for price information


Colorful News

Recent Content
and Articles: 

Past Content
and Articles:

Front page: Colorful NEWS - to Colorful People - by Asbjorn Lonvig
Front page: Colorful NEWS - to Colorful People - by Asbjorn Lonvig
Front page: Colorful NEWS - to Colorful People - by Asbjorn Lonvig
Front page: Colorful NEWS - to Colorful People - by Asbjorn Lonvig
Front page: Colorful NEWS - to Colorful People - by Asbjorn Lonvig
Front page: Colorful NEWS - to Colorful People - by Asbjorn Lonvig
Front page: Colorful NEWS - to Colorful People - by Asbjorn Lonvig
Front page: Colorful NEWS - to Colorful People - by Asbjorn Lonvig
Colorful NEWS - to Colorful People - by Asbjorn Lonvig