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About Asbjorn Lonvig in
Editorial Croquis Art Magazine etc.
in Buenos Aires

Translated by Inter-Set, Denmark from Spanish into English

Asbjorn Lonvig demonstrates a clear predominance towards a geometrical approach,
using flat contrasted colours, emphasising perceptions which come close to being pop art.
The oeuvre of the well-known Danish artist involves symbols, icons of a society dominated by images,
decontextualising them, inserting them in other compositions in which their freshness and dynamism are emphasised.
He produces formal assemblies in which sensitive ideas, infantile allegories or non-hurtful subjects, predominate,
seeking in the style of Miró an evocative approach little-by-little shaping a world of great sensitivity which captivates the observer
with an attractive warmth in spite of its initial lack of emotion.

His contribution to painting extends further than the field of composition, cultivating form,
fostering the passionate use of colour in order to endow his painting with suggestive features which go beyond the limits of the subjects themselves.

He communicates irony, gives expression to immense innate curiosity connected with his tendency to experimentation,
but always subordinating it to compositional organisation, seeking a clear dialogue between form, colour, balance and tonal expressiveness.

Joan Lluís Montané
Art Critic

Member of the International Art Critics Association

The jubilation feelings given
by forms and colors
of Asbjorn Lonvig
French author Alain Joannes from Paris praises my art to the skies in his new book
"Comment communiquer par des images". It is presented at "Salon du Livre" in Paris on 10 March 2005.
He has written the following about me:
The art of the Danish painter Asbjorn Lonvig communicates at the first glance euphoria in a rough state. A so intense euphoria that the glance can not move away from the piece of his art.
Of course, the saturated colours are decisive in this very great glowing. The coloured dazzling and the feeling of pleasure which prolongs it have multiple causes. 
As adequacy between artistic creation and the constraints of communication, the art of  Asbjorn Lonvig illustrates an assumption of neurocognitives sciences: the neurons in charge of visual perception are first activated by patterns recognition, then by colors recognition, then by recognition of textures and movements recognition. In a piece of art  like "Soul hurting still ", the sensory impacts of the forms and the colors are very strong and equal.  The pleasure comes from what the eye and the brain receive from the red, the yellow, the green and blue at the same time as they recognize the squares, the rectangles, the circles, the triangles, the straight and broken lines and even  the letter “A”.
The glance thus filled by
a profusion of feelings founds a generating mental state of pleasure.

After and beyond the primary emotion, in a second phase of contemplation, the spirit endeavours to confer an overall significance on the table.  It calls upon its repertory of already memorized forms.  Then, the pleasure becomes ludic.  Functioning like a rebus, the chart of an unknown territory, a coded language or a mysterious diagram, the piece of art asks to the witness:  " What am I ?"

The many possible answers are mental resonances which give to the
artistic communication a richness higher than all the other ways to

This communication is intersubjective.  It organizes the meeting between the subjectivity of the artist and the subjectivity of the witness. 
The witness of the piece of art is free to refer to tropical sensory prints: association of a dominating solar yellow, sky blue, deep vegetal green.  He can also associate the table with an intimate collection of primitive art. 
He shall perhaps remember the geometrical abstractions of Kandinsky and Mondrian. Surely, the piece of art  will be kept in the long memory space into the brain with all its resonances sensory, emotional, ludic and cultural.

It is may be interesting to know that the joyfull  impact piece of art by Asbjorn Lonvig is closely related to its is canvassed artistic. High level data processing specialist then head of a software company, the painter found serenity in a pictorial creation which starts with digital drafts and finds its completion on a support – frame and fabric - entirely conceived and manufactured by the artist.

Alain Joannes, Author

After studying the exhibition
at WWAR - World Wide Art Resources
the largest Gallery of Contemporary Art in the world

Sociologist of art, Ph.D
  O. P. Joshi wrote:

Great, very interesting.
Your wide vision and connecting complex ideas in simple presentation are of high value.
You observe sights digest them and present them in colorful simple forms, have a quality of their own.
I wish you great success.
Today in India is Great Festival of Lights- Diwali,
On this occasion your paintings gave us enjoyment.

O. P. Joshi,  Sociologist of art, Ph.D.
College of KISHANGARH  
Jaipur, Rajasthan

At the International Exhibition
of Contemporary Art
in il Vittoriano in Rome

prof. Giancarlo Alu wrote:

Dear Master Lonvig (but after reading your biography and seen your wonderful Art, your name should be "Loving"), thank you for your interest in participating in this Feast of Culture and Art.”, “………..are you sure you are not Italian?”
“…..I have no words to tell you how much I enjoyed your art presentation you sent me. I can tell you it would be an honor for us to have your works with us…”

Prof. Giancarlo Alu
director of Mantena Museum
director of Mondial Art and Culture

On my writings to World Wide Art Resources
Art News Artblog


on Interactive Lecture: "Wonderful".
on improving my English: "What a blog! Excellent... let's see how people will react..."

Markus Kruse
Columbus, Ohio

Founder and President of, the wold's largest online gallery
B.A. in Art History from Wittenberg University
M.A. in Arts Administration/Art Education
Ph.D. in Art Education from The Ohio State University
On my writings to ADN World ArtNews

on the article "Corporate valuez..zzzz...".
First of all, thanks for submitting another fantastic article, the editor of ADN Network, World ArtNews  wrote.

Seiji Ueoka
editor ADN Network
World ArtNews

About Colorful News

I loved your web designs and art that I located through absolute arts! 
Is this to be another web magazine like absolute arts? 
Is it solely your own promotion?  It is GREAT!!!!  If it is ongoing, how do I subscribe? 
I wish you much success!!! 
All the best for  wonderful holidays!
Happy painting,

Ellen Fisch
Long Island
New York
BA in art from Brooklyn College
MA in art from New York University

Gallery Direct, Pennsylvania, US

We are so glad you are excited about Gallery
Direct and decided to upgrade your account to allow display of more of
your genius artwork.
Dave Yelen
President and founder of Gallery Direct
Forty Fort

About Fairy Tales

I only have one word that best describes these books.
Awesome -Thanks so much for the FREE downloads, they are very much appreciated.
Cecelia Routsaw
Grandmother of 15

Article about Aros and Bill Viola to
World Wide Art Resources Art News, USA and
to ADN World ArtNews, Japan

Hi Asbjorn Lonvig
Thanks for ... magnificent article… Thanks

Bjarne Bækgaard
Communication manager
Aros Art Museum

The World of Art Award
granted to
Asbjorn Lonvig, Denmark    

"Absolute unique, dedicated, brilliant, excellent.
Searching your web site I have to say that I AM IMPRESSED!!!"

"...we granted you an award – The World of Art Award granted to artists and galleries
for the best practice in art and culture... "

Peter Russu
Editor of World of Art magazine
15 Manchester Court

Prize Jury

Andrea Pagnez, art critic, editor of World of Art magazine, Venice Biennial curator (Italy)
Christopher Chamber, art critic, editor of World of Art magazine, New York (USA)
Marta Dimitrescu, director of, editorial director of World of Art magazine, London (UK)
Åke Wallén, director of BGAB, art collector, Stockholm (Sweden)
Peter Russu, director of Art Addiction, editor and publisher of World of Art magazine, London (UK) 


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Sincerely yours,
Asbjorn Lonvig
43 Fejringhusvej
DK-8722 Hedensted
Phone: +45 7589 0477
Mobile: +45 2047 1179

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Critics - How to Communicate through pictures by Alain Joannes
Critics - How to Communicate through pictures by Alain Joannes
Critics - How to Communicate through pictures by Alain Joannes
Critics - How to Communicate through pictures by Alain Joannes
Critics - How to Communicate through pictures by Alain Joannes
Critics - How to Communicate through pictures by Alain Joannes
Critics - How to Communicate through pictures by Alain Joannes
Critics- How to Communicate through pictures by Alain Joannes