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Dear Asbjorn
Thank you for making me your official NY fan club!! (but please spell my name correctly...Ellen Fisch )....
I love reading your Art Blogs and think that you are an art FORCE!! 
Not only does your work encourage others with its eneryg, beauty and aethetic sensibility, but your writing is wonderful!! 
Every time I go to your web site (often) I get a mega dose of art fuel!! 
You are THE BEST!!
Warm Regards,
Fisch, BA in art from Brooklyn College
MA in art from New York University

Long Island
New York



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Ermita, Manila
Philippines - ArtFreaks.com
Columbus, OH
USA - WWAR and Absolutearts, World's Largest Gallery
New York
USA - KiptonArt
New York
USA - YourArt.com
New York
USA -  Behance, Inc. - 532 Broadway NY, NY 10012
Seattle, WA

USA - ImageKind, Inc.

Emeryville, SF Area, CA
USA - Art.com/ArtsitRising.com
Silicon Valley, CA
USA -  Gallery-Worldwide.com
Palo Alto, CA
USA - Zazzle.com Galleries - MOD (All Sections)
Palo Alto, CA
USA - Zazzle.com Galleries - MOD (Complete Fine Arts)
Stanford, Palo Alto, CA
USA - Stamford Media International Pte Ltd - The Creative Finder - thecreativefinder.com
San Mateo, CA USA - CafePress.com - MOD - /lonvig  (All Sections)
San Mateo, CA
USA - CafePress.com - MOD - /Lonvig (Complete Fine Arts)
San Antonio, TX
USA - Finer Works
Louiseville, KY
USA - CafePress - MOD
Forty Fort, PA USA - Pennsylvania - Gallerydir
San Antonio, TX
USA - Texas - FinerWorks - MOD
Pearland, TX USA - Texas - YoKool LLC
Lakewood, Denver, CO
USA - Colorado - Yessy.com
Denver, CO

USA - Colorado - FineArtAmerica.com - Asbjorn Lonvig

Denver, CO USA - Colorado - FineArtAmerica.com - Asbjorn Lonvig
Denver, CO USA - Colorado - FineArtAmerica.com - Lille Fejringhus Gallery
Salt Lake City, UT
USA - Utah - ArtWanted.com
London  UK - 3D Virtual Art Space - extremely close to a realistic Gallery.
UK - Waterloo, London - New ART Collectors
UK - Chelsea - Saatchi Gallery Online
London UK -  Chelsea  - Saatchi  Gallery  -  Limited edition
UK - Bristol - CreativityNet
Rumelange, Luxembourg Luxembourg - Grand Duchy of Luxembourg  - Artiste.lu
Leipzig, Sachsen
Germany - Spreadshirt.net - MOD
France - Cugand, The Loire Valley near Nantes - l'ARTactif
Paris - Rueil-Malmaison
France -  L'Art Pour Tous
Paris - Vauhallan France - Artabus
France - ArtsCad
Domaine de la Source
France - Saint-Romain au Mont d'Or - Le Grand Lyon - Artprice
Pfäffikon, Zürich
Switzerland - ArtOffer.com
Madrid Spain - PicassoMio
Italy - Art-on-Google.com by Roberto Lacentra 
Italy - Babele Arte
Uppsala Sweden - Konstverket.se - Kunstauktion.se

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