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My Gallery, my Studio and
my private dwelling

Danish Architecture

Lille Fejringhus was built in 1988.
It is built in solid, rustic materials where close attention has been paid to every little detail. The building contains a gallery, studio and private dwelling.
The house is built in brick with white scoured walls and wooden floors.
Different ceilings have been used in the individual sections of the house and the individual sections are on split levels.
The house is high-ceilinged - in particular in the gallery.
Special glazing has been used in the gallery and family room.
In the gallery the gable window continues up into the roof.
In the family room a special glass tower has been constructed which sends light into the house.
According to the Chairman of the Board, Neil Kzokoss, Chicago Athenaeum, the house is located "in the middle of nowhere".
This is, however, quite deliberate, as the place has primarily been chosen out of consideration for our children's upbringing. The area offers good school facilities, recreational facilities, etc., and it is still less than an hour to Billund's international airport and to the, by Danish standards, large cities of Århus and Odense.
The basic point of departure for the building was that it was to form the physical framework for my wife's and my work with requirements for work room and exhibition facilities as well as providing the framework for our private family life where 3 children and 4 turtles would have all the space they required.
There is thus a separate children's wing with its own entrance. Here the children have their rooms and a large communal activity room.
We have spent much time and effort on designing, drawing and, finally, building a model of the house.
The house has been visited by thousands of both Danes and foreigners and it has received both national and international coverage in the press and journals of architecture.
Journalist Eva Redekop, Berlingske Tidende - one of the largest newspapers in Denmark - wrote enthusiastically:
In the twilight, seen from the garden,
it looks like a ship which is rushing forward
out of the dream-blue nothingness
carrying sparkling ladies and dark, gallant men of film star stature
who waltz with burning passion
in the crystal-lit salons without sweating.
If you only look at the low,
white bed-room part with the small windows,
you think of the Mediterranean,
and for an instant you are sitting with your back
against a sun-warm wall
breathing in the exciting aromas of the air
If, however, you look at the house
in the glaring Danish December light
and in a completely sober state, well,
then it looks like one of those modern churches
right in the middle of the brown-knolled,
newly developed field in Hedensted near Vejle.
Left to right:
The entrance of "Lille Fejringhus" with yard and parking lot, the inner courtyard, The American Indian in the Gallery,
the Studio, part of my private home, the Studio building,
the Gallery building and the Gallery seen from inside.
Having lived in this house for several years there is no doubt
the architecture of "Lille Fejringhus" will last forever.

More pictures from inside the gallery and studio.

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