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An art portal is a portal for one specific user or group of users,
a country, a city, a municipality, a museum, a company etc.
It shows and it has links to those art works that might be relevant to that specific user.

The Art Portal logo is the arch of Septimus Severus in Forum Romanum, Rom

Danske Kunst Portaler
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public bodies
UNICEF, United Nations, Geneva, Switzerland.
The Danish Parliament, Copenhagen, Denmark
Hospices Worldwide
Paedagogical Train to schools and health care

private enterprises

Danish Industry - Branch Organization, Copenhagen, Denmark

Shanghai Chambers of Commerce, Shanghai, China
Ugly Duckling, Seattle, United States
Paulos & Zawadowski, DEVELOPMENT, Denver, Colorado

theatres, museums, galleries
Children's Museum - fairy tale characters etc.
Hans Christian Andersen Festival Plays, Odense, Denmark
Aros Art Museum, Aarhus, Denmark and Racing Cars...
Guggenheim Museum, New York, USA
Sydney Opera House, Sydney, Australia
Musée du Louvre, Paris, France
Tokyo Gallery

Aarhus Theater, Denmark
Koldinghus - Royal Castle - Ruin - Museum, Kolding, Denmark)
The Old Town, Aarhus, Denmark
Lille Fejringhus Gallery, Denmark

municipalities, cities
Municipality of Rome, Italy
Comuni di Roma, Roma, Italia
VIS – Vatican Information Service, The Vatican City, Rome, Italy
Servizio d'informazione Di Vatican, Roma, Italia

Aarhus City, Denmark

Haderslev City, Denmark
New Vejle (The new Municipality of Vejle, Denmark)
New Hedensted (the new Municipality of Hedensted)


Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Seattle, USA

The Academy of Electronic Arts,
New Delhi, India
Taj Mahal Review, Govindpur Colony, Allahabad, India
Editorial Croquis, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Christ and Christianity
- Jakarta, Rome, Jelling, Asissi, Barcelona....
The Rapa-Nui Polynesian Culture, Easter Island, Chile

Art Gallery Support

Danish Flowers
Cold Stores
Wildlife Worldwide
Christmas Motifs
Think Wind Power


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Asbjorn Lonvig's Art Portals
Asbjorn Lonvig's Art Portals
Asbjorn Lonvig's Art Portals
Asbjorn Lonvig's Art Portals
Asbjorn Lonvig's Art Portals
Asbjorn Lonvig's Art Portals
Asbjorn Lonvig's Art Portals
Asbjorn Lonvig's Art Portals