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Computer Expert etc.
I am a qualified computer expert. A specialist in software for large IBM computers.
My greatest success as a computer expert was when IBM's development people came from Palo Alto
to look at some very special software which I had developed for the company Danfoss.
I set up my own software enterprise, still in close co-operation with IBM.
I was working in the industry when PCs revolutionized the entire market.
My enterprise was very successful, and there were several prospective buyers.
I was made an offer I could not refuse, and I sold the enterprise in 1985.
Artist, Designer, Writer, Idea Developer etc.
Since then I have been doing what I do today.
I am a Scandinavian Artist, Designer, Writer, Idea Developer etc.
I have developed my own very unique style in simple shapes and bright colors - even when I write.
For me it is not only an artistic expression, it is as well a manifestation of a philosophy of life.
I call it "colorful zen simplicity" in art as in life.
Masterclass etc.
I love being a catalyst in a group of students/participants.
Being a catalyst I join the group with my exact skills knowing that the students/participants
have equally important skills.
Fundraising and other non-profit activities
My fundraising and other non-profit a activities have the goal to help people who's
circumstances of life are not so optimistic.
Click on fundraising and other non-profit activities and see some examples,
where I have been involved in different ways of fundraising and non-profit activities.
See biography and references, too.
Asbjorn Lonvig


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