Download brochures. Sad Days Indeed - mental state

by Asbjorn Lonvig
, artist/designer
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Paintings made in a period
not so happy.
It hurt to do it.
It hurt not to.
Sad Days Indeed - mental state. By Asbjorn Lonvig. I did not know about my mental state - until I saw this painting which was not painted with a brush - but the paint was temperamentally thrown.
"sad days indeed", mental state
Acrylic on hardboard
154.5 x 122 cm
US$ 45000
inspired by a state of mind - sad days indeed
Inspired by keywords like mental health,
state of mind, manic depression, major depression,
bipolar condition, serotonin syndrome...disintegration...

...then red paint has been thrown temperamentally...

You can order and buy this motif on on Fine Art Paper,
size 40.25 x 32 inches, 102.24 x 81.28 cm.
Price: US$ 1115.92 - order online here .

Or on as poster (gloss, matte or lustre),

size 24 x 20 inches, 60.96 x 50.8 cm.

Price: US$ 47.95 - order online here.

The original of this significant Asbjorn Lonvig work from his "Sad Days",

acrylic on hardboard,
size 60.87 x 48.07 inches, 154.5 x 122 cm.

Price: US$ 45,000 - order here.

Numbered and signed print on paper or canvas, edition 100,
size  69.34 x 54.77 inches, 176 x 139 cm.
Price: US$ 2350 - see Asbjorn Lonvig Digital Art Laboratory.

fragments of "sad days indeed":


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