REWARD: Give a brochure to a body able to buy - have 4 CIRCUS posters FREE.REWARD: Give a brochure to a body able to buy - have 4 CIRCUS posters FREE.  Asbjorn Lonvig

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Colorful Simplicity Gallery
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Art Portals
Ny Hedensted (Ny Hedensted Kommune i Danmark) (Dansih)
New Hedensted (the new municipality of Hedensted, Denmark) (English)
Århus Teater (Aarhus Theatre, Aarhus, Denmark)_(Danish)
Den Gamle By i Århus (The Old Town, Aarhus, Denmark) (Danish)

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Order Asbjorn Lonvig Art Posters Online at in Salt Lake City - brochure
Order Asbjorn Lonvig Art Posters with passepartout Online at in Salt Lake City - brochure
Order Asbjorn Lonvig huge Art Posters Online at in San Antonio - brochure

Celebrating my World of Art Award 2006 - the 12 winning motifs published as serigraphs
Order Asbjorn Lonvig Serigraphs, 79.2" x 54.8", paper/canvas, edition 100 - printed in Denmark - brochure
Asbjorn Lonvig Digital Art Laboratory - brochure

    the World of Art Award

general flyers/brochures
all kinds of Asbjorn Lonvig art works in a flyer/brochure called

Farverig Enkelhed (dk)
Colorful Simplicity (en)
Simplicité Colorée (fr)
Bunte Einfachheit (de)
Semplicità colorido (it)
Simplicidad Colorida (es)
Formas Simples Coloridas (pt)
多彩で簡単な形 (jp)
다채로운 간단한 모양 (kr)
五颜六色的简单的形状 (cn)
Kleurrijke Eenvoud (nl)
Ζωηρόχρωμη απλότητα (gr)
Цветастая Простота (ru)

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other flyers/brochures
...Asbjorn Lonvig exhibitions online 1-10 - from Happy Days to Portrait Days
Selection of Paintings for supplementary logo, decoration, or......(English)
Udvalg af Malerier til ekstra logo eller udsmykning eller…..(Danish)
Happy Days -  paintings from happy days, huge canvases - request prices (English)
Sad Days - paintings from not so happy days, huge canvases - request prices (English)
Both And Days - paintings made on good days for working (English)
Både Og Dage - malerier fra gode dage til arbejde (Danish)
American Days - paintings inspired from travels in USA and Canada (English)
World Wide Days - online galleries world wide (English)
Jutlandic Days - e-shop selling my posters, silk screen prints and other prints - (English)
Children's Safety Days - 12 signs in 12 languages (English)
Sculptures Days - Sculptures erected in spectacular places (English)
Children's Sculptures Days - Sculptures used as playground equipment, too (English)
Portrait Days - Morten Lonvig's portrait paintings (English)
Portrait Days - Morten Lonvig's They Enlarged My World (English)
Portrait Days - Morten Lonvig's Eye Openers (English)
Portrait Days - My colorful Mona Lisa portraits (English)

My Storytelling Concept (English)
Mit Storytelling Koncept (Danish)
The Story about Sofus (English)
Historien om Sofus (Danish)
The story about Nice Mr. Jacob from Chicago (English)
The story about The Wind-Mill Ballet and The Wind-Mill Theater (in English)
The story about Justus (Danish)
The story about GAS-ballet - about biogas (English)
The story about Vitus (English)
fairy tales
Fairy tales in 10 languages to  Lucca and the world's kids
The LUCCA-project (English)
The Sea Horse Hippo-Cam-Pus (English)

UNIVERSE of storytelling and fairy tale motifs (English)
nostalgic - art works 1986 - 1996

Nostalgic Days - Asbjorn Lonvig motifs and designs etc. 1986 - 1996 (English)

Århus Billeder - til udsmykning eller... (Danish)  
Haderslev Billeder - til udsmykning eller... (Danish)  
Hedensted Motiver, 2005 - til udsmykning eller... (Danish)  
Kirker og det kirkelige - til udsmykning eller... (Danish)  
Slotte og herregårde - til udsmykning eller... (Danish)  

Art works inspired by Aarus, Denmark - you can have the motifs as...  (English)  
Art works inspired by Haderslev, Denmark - you can have the motifs as...  (English)  
Art works inspired by Hedensted, Denmark in 2005 - you can have the motifs as...  (English)  
Churches etc. - you can have the motifs as... (English)  
Castles and Manor Houses - you can have the motifs as... (English)  

PicassoMio New Inspired by flags/countries - (English)  

Artist's Exclusive Selection 2003 - click on a flag
San Francisco Exclusive Selection (English)
New York Exclusive Selection (English)
Avenue des Peintres, Paris Udvalg (Danish)

Avenue des Peintres, Paris Selection (English)

Avenue des Peintres, Paris Choix (French)

Selección De la Exclusiva De Rapa-Nui (Spanish)
Rapa-Nui (Easter Island) Exclusive Selection (English)
Indonesia - Exclusive selection - from my gallery (English)
Indonesia - Exclusive selection - blue/grey/blach peaceful harmony (English)
Indonesia - Exclusive selection - Colorful Simplicity Portrait Painting Dogma (English)
Noosa Queensland Exclusive Selection (English)
Exclusive Selection China (English)
Exclusive Selection China (Chinese)
International Contemporary Art Exhibition in Rome in September 2003 (English)
International Contemporary Art Exhibition in Rome in September 2003 (Italian)
British Columbia Westcoast Exclusive Selection (English)
The Modern Windmill Exclusive Selection (English)
Eksklusiv Selektion til en vindmølle producent (Dansih)
Landscape - canyon, desert and mountain - Exclusive Selection
PicassoMio Exclusive Selection - (English)
Winged Dove Exclusive Selection - (English)
Baby Art Selection - (English)
Gallery Worldwide Silicon Valley California Selection (English)

Asbjorn Lonvig motifs at - an online auction (English)
Asbjorn Lonvig motifs at - an online auction (Danish)

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special flyers/brochures
SMM 2004 Hamburg 28 September to 2 October 2004.
San Francisco Exclusive Selection for SF galleries
- see brochure.
Noosa Queensland Exclusive Selection to Davis Alexandroff
- see brochure.
Asbjorn Lonvig art works selected by Antonio Hernandez Rex, Murcia, Spain - see brochure.

Colorful Flyers/Brochures
 Scandinavian artist Asbjorn Lonvig
Asbjorn Lonvig, artist
"Lille Fejringhus"
43 Fejringhusvej
DK-8722 Hedensted
Phone: +45 7589 0477
Fax: +45 7589 0900
Mobile: +45 2047 1179
 probably the most fascinating artist's house in Northern Europe
 "Lille Fejringhus"
 - probably Northern Europe's most fascinating artist's house.
The five winged building contains gallery, studio and private dwelling,
including office and library.


 see Asbjorn Lonvig's
Copyrights, Business Concept and Disclaimer

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