The story
about SOFUS
for Fiberline Composites A/S, Denmark  - corporate values

Hi! My name is SOFUS.
My name has five letters.
They are the initials (in Danish) of five keywords,
that describes the values on which my company builds its business.
The first keyword is interplay.
SOFUS-Interplay, blue hair,
          4 freckles, large ears, a big smile. The story about SOFUS.
          Storytelling implementing corporate values. By Asbjorn Lonvig,
          Danish storyteller.
Sofus Interplay
Here I am with open arms,
blue hair,
4 freckles,
large ears,
a big smile,
my very new overall trousers
and a red Shirt
inviting customers, colleges and cooperators
to play with me.
To work together with me.
Then it becomes more fun for me and more fun for you to go to work.
We will become more enthusiastic.
We will communicate better,
and what is most important,
we will be better troubleshooters concerning those problems,
that always will arise in an interplay.
Sofus Decency
Just for fun I have put on a halo.
I am not very holy.
I love beer and girls as everybody else.
But in a cooperation, I believe there must be some rules.
I keep what I promise.
If there are any changes in what we have agreed
we have to talk about it,
even if it can be difficult.
 My intention is that whatever I have committed myself to,
will be achieved.
In this way I can assure myself and anybody else that my work will be done in the same way every time
achieving the highest possible standards.
Sofus Foresight
 It is hard to foretell, especially about the future. Said the Danish humorist Storm P.
However we are not supposed to foretell.
We have to find all the elements, all the facts
that can tell us what the future probably will be like.
We have to keep a sharp lookout all the time.
We have to make good educated guesses.
We have to find out our goals.
Then we know which way to point.
We always try to achieve our goals.
If there is something wrong about our goals, if they are not realistic,
we will have them adjusted.
Sofus Challenge
 Recently I was in the city of all cities, Paris.
I was in the Louvre where I saw Mona Lisa, I was
in Montmartre,
here I saw Place du Tetre with all the exhibiting and working artists, and
I saw the huge white cathedral Sacrť-Coeur.
And I saw everything else you have to see in Paris.
For instance the old Triumphal Arch and the new one.
I was at the top of them both. I had to use the stairs in the old Triumphal Arch,
but fortunately there was an escalator in the new Triumphal Arch.
The Danish architect Johan Otto von Spreckelsen has created a spectacular edifice.
Of course I was at the top of the Eiffel Tower, too.
But is is old.
It is rusty.
it is heavy, heavy, heavy
it must be hard to maintain.
When you are taking the escalator to the top it creaked and made disturbing sounds.
You almost believed that.....
I think Paris needs a new Eiffel Tower.
As I returned home I wrote to the Mayor of Paris:
Marie de Paris Bertrand DelanoŽ
Hotel de Ville
5 rue de Lobau
75196 Paris RP
I told about the new tower, it is 50 meters higher than the Eiffel Tower is today.
It is erected in the park Champ-de-Mar on Place Jaques Rueff between the river Seine and Ecole Militaire.
The new tower is constructed of light materials free of maintenance and of very strong materials.
Splendid idea, Bertrand DelanoŽ answered,
and asked for more details,
stressing that the architecture should be like that of Spreckelsens new Triumphal Arch.
Copying if possible some of the modernism and elegance of the new Arch in the Defence.
I went to my laboratory.
To invent the right material.
Concerning durability.
Concerning strength.
Concerning weight.
And to find the right way to construct the new Eiffel Tower.
And finally to make tests.
As I had finished my work I showed the entire project to
Bertrand DelanoŽ.
He loved the project and he was enthusiastic about implementing it.
SOFUS had invented a brand new modular system of building blocks.
It was world news.
The New Eiffel Tower at Champ-de-Mar on
          Place Jaques Rueff. The story about SOFUS. Storytelling
          implementing corporate values. By Asbjorn Lonvig, Danish

 The new Eiffel Tower

  Next time you are in Paris, you must visit Champ-de-Mar on Place Jaques Rueff.

Sund Ýkonomi = Yield a profit
I have put on my office clothes and I have had my hair done.
Now I am ready for talking about money.
To keep a business going it is necessary to earn some money.
Then we can still strengthen our knowledge and become less sensitive towards declining markets.
Our customers must be as satisfied as we are.
We must price our products reasonably, and sell reasonably,
so that we yield a profit.

for Fiberline Composites A/S, Denmark  - corporate values