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by Asbjorn Lonvig, artist/designer
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The draft has been exhibited on, that is my own web site or
one of the online world wide galleries in USA,
Canada, Germany, France, UK, Italy, Spain
or whereever it is.
A gallery or a customer has bought the painting.

"soul hurting still"
acrylic on canvas
201 x 139 cm

In this case the painting "soul hurting still" is seen by a customer on,
we have negotiated a price and agreed about framing and delivery etc.
The customer will frame it himself so I'll just roll it and send it to him.
He lives in Spain.

Take a look into my studio. I have decided not to use an aisle but to put the canvas on my
painting table.  I transform the painting from the digital draft in different ways depending
on the motif.  Ending up with a canvas with pencil lines.
The sequence of painting the different colors is depending on the motif, too.
In this case black is painted first and then every single field.

The painting with black color is finished.


Field by field is painted.
Hard work and accuracy.
Some of the colors are adjusted during the painting process.

Many hours.
Many days later.
The painting has been finished.
I am exhausted.
I am happy.

See technical data, shipping, framing and signing
for further information about the process.

Asbjorn Lonvig

My way - I am proud of doing it my way.
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