Technical data, Shipping and Signing
of huge canvases.
The stretcher is made according to the stretcher factory's highest standards
concerning dimensions of the mouldings and number of crosses.
 The stretcher is a special development.
The moulding, both frame and cross, are 65 x 25 mm and cut through vertically,
turned and glued to optimize strength.
The face of the frame is beaded.
The canvas is stretched by the stretcher factory
to achieve highest quality
in stretching.
 201 x 139 cm
  The profile is looked upon as a part of the art work.
The profile is a standard Asbjorn Lonvig profile, designed by Asbjorn Lonvig and
the color of the profile is determined based on the colors in the artwork
to ensure the highest aesthetically standard.
The artwork is floating with 0.75 cm space between the
stretcher/canvas and the profile.
In the corners the profile is cut in 45 degree angles.
 Corners of the profile are assembled with a Lamello technique.
The fact that the stretcher is floating, means that the
stretcher and profile can work independently without concern about temperature, humidity etc.
"san Francesco"
 205,5 x 143,5 cm
The canvas is very strong with high resistance.
It is an Italian product with a substrate composition of 65 % polyester - 35 % cotton.
Especially suitable for big stretchers.
It has an universal preparation and a nice grain.
The canvas has a  total weight of as high as 360 g per square meter.
Thus in every way very suitable for Asbjorn Lonvig's way of working.
The paint is Daler-Rowney System 3 acrylic,
with a high pigment loading, durable, water resistant
and with excellent adhesion.
The painting too is in every way very suitable for Asbjorn Lonvig's way of working.
See the painting process.
 In order to avoid any faking the painting is
signed in the lower right corner by scoring Asbjorn Lonvig's
christian name and sir name: "Asbjørn Lønvig" and the year
of creation to the right of the name - ex. "2003" in the wet paint.
In the lower left corner is scored specimen number and edition size - ex. specimen number two of an edition of five: "2/5".
If there is only one specimen there is scored "1/1".
The scoring is done by an identifiable tool.
The signing is made visible
by using a contrasting background color.
In the upper left corner of the backside of the painting there is a blob of paint
with the artist's fingerprint of his right thumb in wet paint.
The artwork is shipped in a box fitting the artwork.
A plate is placed at the top of the framed painting and a plate is
placed at the bottom.
The box side is made with a groove
as shown above.
The box is lined with felt and foam materials
to prevent any damage of the profile.
 On the box is painted "ART" and the artist's name,
and it is supplied with all the needed shipping information
on the back.