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Ermita, Manila
Philippines -
Japan - - ADN Network
Buenos Aires
Argentina, South America - PicassoNet
Terreón, Coahuila
Mexico, South America -
Columbus, OH
Ohio, USA - WWAR and Absolutearts
Niagara Area, NY
USA - 1 Raintree Island, Tonawanda - TheFineArtOriginals
New York
USA - 218 East 56th St. Manhattan - KiptonArt
New York
USA - Floral Park -
New York
USA - 357 West 46th Street -
Washington DC
USA - SquareSpace
Seattle, WA

USA - ImageKind, Inc.

Emeryville, SF Area, CA
California, USA -, and
San Francisco, CA
California, USA - Open Source by Matt Mullenweg - WordPress
Long Beach, LA, CA California, USA - FolioSnap
Silicon Valley, CA
California, USA - Gallery-Worldwide
Palo Alto, CA
California, USA - Galleries 
Forty Fort, PA
Pennsylvania, USA - Gallerydir
San Antonio, TX
Texas, USA - FinerWorks
Pearland, TX Texas, USA - YoKool LLC
Lakewood, Denver, CO
Colorado, USA -
Denver, CO

Colorado, USA -

Bountiful, Salt Lake, UT
Utah, USA -
Surrey Row, Waterloo, London, UK - New ART Collectors
Satchi Gallery Online
London The Duke of York's HQ, Kings Road, Chelsea - Saatchi Gallery
Ashford, Kent - Henwood Business Park, Ashford, Kent, UK
Bristol, UK - CreativityNet
Coton Cambridge, UK - ArtistsRepublik
Henley, UK - Artatoo
Rumelange, Luxembourg Luxembourg, Grand Duchy of Luxembourg  -
France - Cugand, Loire - l'ArtActif
Paris - Rueil-Malmaison
France -  L'Art Pour Tous
Paris - Vauhallan France - Artabus
Paris France - ArtsCad
Paris France -
Domaine de la Source France - Saint-Romain au Mont d'Or - Le Grand Lyon - Artprice
Pfäffikon, Zürich
Switzerland -
Madrid Spain - PicassoMio
Italy - Gallery ArtRom, Lazio
Rome Italy - RomArt Via Matricardi, 10 Roma
Italy -, Il Portale delle Mostre
Italy - MDARTE
Piacenza Italy - Babele Arte
Jerusalem Israel - ArtRoof
Uppsala Sweden - -

San Francisco, California, US

Open Source by Matt Mullenweg
Gallery, blog, World ArtNews etc.
International Art 
in English and Japanese
Headquarters in Tokyo, Japan
Exhibits motifs, Articles, Colorful News as source etc.
Gallery, blog etc. - very much like
International Art 
in English
Headquarters in Hotel La Corona,
1166 M.H.del Pilar St. Ermita, Manila, Philippines 1000.
Founder Victor Rolfe
Arte Argentino Contemporáneo para el Mundo

in Spanish and English
Headquarters: Lavalle 1290 piso 12, Buenos Aires, Argentina
"...un sitio destinado a la exposición, promoción y venta de arte contemporáneo a través de todo el mundo."
in Spanish and English
Headquarters: Gastón Matías Pezzi, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Art, a universal language, unites human beings on different
countries of the world by means of several types of expressions.
Truth is that good and beauty are intimately connected to
each other and it is not obvious to say that beauty is what an artist creates.

In Spanish and English

Headquarters: Avenida Jesus Pámanes 608, Colonia Ampliaci´n los Angeles, Terreón, Coahuila, Mexico
10 World Artists Show 2005
Australian & International Art 
in English
Headquarters in Noosa Queensland Australia
The first gallery online that hit the web.
Looking for talent.
in English
Headquarters: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Art Zoom est un collectif international d'artistes sur Internet,
géré par Art Total Multimédia, une agence d'artistes au Canada qui oeuvre sur deux continents.

in French
Headquarters: Art Total Multimédia, agence d'artistes,
C.P. 61 Succ. Ancienne-Lorette, Québec (Québec) G2E 3M2, Canada
  GALLERY DIRECT is designed for artists of all types to
showcase their art and increase their exposure throughout the world.

 International Art
in English

Artistic headquarters in
Langley, British Columbia, Canada
Headquarters in Forty Fort in Pennsylvania, USA
the world's largest gateway to art
in English (US)
Headquarters: 3678 Loudon Street, Granville, Columbus, Ohio
is a premier community for artists and their work on the web.
Our members interact freely with other artists and art lovers, and expose their work to buyers,
 galleries and art dealers around the world.

in English (US)
Headquarters 1 Raintree Island, Tonawanda, NY 14150
Founded by Kipton Cronkite in 2002,
KiptonART is a private establishment that culls fledgling artists
and introduces them to the foremost administrators of the New York art world.
in English (US)
Headquarters 218 East 56th St. Manhattan, New York
Manhattan Arts International
"We are dedicated to helping Artists pursue their passion".
- Renée Phillips, Director, and "The Artrepreneur Coach™"

in English (US)
Headquarters 200 East 72 St., New York
Exhibiting 9 motifs selected by Diane Leon, Adjunct Assistant Professor of Arts at New York University
Web Services for Artists World-Wide
in English (US)
Headquarters in New York, Floral Park
CatMacArt Corporation currently is developing and managing several related websites
 including myartspace tv, myartspace blog, myartspace classifieds, myartspace auctions, myartspace directory
in English (US)
Headquarters  CatMacArt Corporation, 357 West 46th Street, Suite 2, New York, NY 10036 USA
3D gallery of all kinds of art
in English (US) and French
Headquarters in New York, office in Paris
Exhibiting 8 motifs from the above selections
  Homage a Toulouse and The American Indian
powerful publishing features that cover everything from blogs to files
in English (US)
Headquarters in College Park, Maryland University, Washington D.C.
Exhibiting articles, storytelling, fairy tales and motifs
ImageKind print on demand technology turns digital files
into museum masterpieces
in English (US)
Headquarters ImageKind, Inc.- 76 S. Washington Street, Suite M101, Seattle, WA 98104
Art Face Off is a new online home for the global art community.
Everyday we have more and more people join our movement –
possibly the most important movement in the art world of the information age –
the development of a democratic world art community, flourishing and energized by the vigor of healthy competition.

in English (US)
Headquarters Pearl Arts District, Portland, Oregon
Contemporary art world wide
in English (US)
Headquarters in PO BOX 1598, Lomita, Los Angeles, CA 90717-9998
Contemporary art world wide
in English (US)
Headquarters 6444 E. Spring Street, #120 Long Beach, CA 90815-1500
3 galleries
promotion and exhibition of contemporary art
in English
Headquarters in Silicon Valley, California, USA Galleries on-demand manufacturing
in English
Headquarters, Inc., 1185 Campbell Ave., San Jose, CA 95126, USA
promotion of prints - and Asbjorn Lonvig's articles
an exclusive Art Exhibition of thoroughly selected art works.
in English
Headquarters in Omni Visions, 15851 Colton Well, San Antonio, Texas 78247
Sell-Arts Marketplace is a free online venue that allows individual artists,
art galleries to display, negotiate, and sell their artworks to art collectors
and home/office decorators in an easy and convenient way.

in English (US)
Headquarters in 3019 E. Cedar Hollow Dr., Pearland, Metropolitan Houston, Texas 77584.
Contemporary art world wide
in English (US)
Headquarters in Boulder, Denver, Colorado, USA
Exhibiting 20 motifs
(Asbjorn Lonvig)
(Lille Fejringhus Gallery) is an interactive website designed specifically
for the fine art industry in Colorado, Utah & Surrounding States

in English (US)
Headquarters in Denver, Colorado, USA
We highlight illustrators, graphic designers, cartoonists, photographers,
 fine artists, web designers, multi-media authors, 3D Artists, sculptors and more!
The artists can also sell originals, prints & digital files of their artwork.

in English (US)
Headquarters ArtSlam, 90 West 500 South #406, Bountiful, Salt Lake City, Utah, USA offers shopping experience -
browse over 100,000 prints, posters, pre-framed art, photos and original art and photography
with hundreds of new products added weekly.
in English (US), 2100 Powell Street 13th Floor, Emeryville, San Francisco CA 94608, USA, 10700 WORLD TRADE BLVD, SUITE 100, RALEIGH NC 27617, USA
96 images for Fine Art Print on Demand
a number of print on demand Posters
Art Magazine, publisher, online gallery
in English
Headquarters WORLD OF ART, Mörbylund 19, 9tr, SE-182 30 Danderyd, Stockholm, Sweden
17 Ringwood Gardens, London, UK

Exhibiting 12 motifs
Browse and Buy Fine Art
in English
Headquarters: New ART Collectors 18 La Gare, 51 Surrey Row, London SE1 0BZ
Browse Fine Art
in English
Headquarters: (from 2007) Saatchi Gallery, The Duke of York's HQ building, Kings Road, Chelsea, London, UK
On-line Art Gallery
in  English
Headquarters in Henwood Business Park, Ashford, Kent, UK
Drawings, mixed styles and paintings
in  English
Headquarters in Bristol, UK
dedicated to a collection of independent world artists online
who wish to promote themselves to a global audience
in  English
Headquarters in Coton, Cambridge, UK offers an unrivaled, fully searchable database of original creative work,
enabling you to buy work direct from source.
in  English
Headquarters in Horncliffe, Northumberland, UK
a complete gallery solution to artists on the Web...
the only one to provide them with real time management !

in  English and French

Headquarters in Peppard, near Henley, UK
a complete gallery solution to artists on the Web...
the only one to provide them with real time management !

in French

Headquarters 7 rue de la fontaine, L-3726 Rumelange, LUXEMBOURG
A print on demand web site.

...and many more languages.
Headquarters  Gießerstraße 27, 04229 Leipzig, Germany
promotion and exhibition of art
in French and English
Headquarters L'ART POUR TOUS 58 route de l'Empereur - Bâtiment E, 92500 Rueil-Malmaison, France
promotion and exhibition of art
in English, French, and Italian
Headquarters 2, rue Villaret de Joyeuse 75017 PARIS, France
promotion and exhibition of all kinds of art
in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish
Headquarters in Paris, France
exhibiting only priced Artworks added recently
in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish
Headquarters in Paris, France
exhibiting only Direct-Posters enabled Artworks
in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish
Headquarters in Paris, France
La Référence de la Communauté artistique - STEPHANE SOULMANA
in French
Headquarters 17, Rue Joubert 75009 PARIS, France
in French

Headquarters 18, Rue DROUOT 75009 PARIS, France
Contemporary Art
in French and English,

Headquarters: 75 Grande rue du 8 Mai 1945, 91430 VAUHALLAN,  Paris, France
"Acheter & vendre en commerce equitable"
in French, Spanish and English,

Headquarters: Cugand, Loire, France
art price information and informations on artists
The world leader in art market information
in French, English (US), Spanish, German and newly in Italian
affiliation contract approved on 17 March 2003
de la Source, Saint-Romain au Mont d'Or, France
ArtOffer wants to become a pathfinder on the Internet
and a meeting-place for artists and art lovers all over the world.
in English and German

Headquarters: Nevartos AG,  ArtOffer, P.O. Box 235, Talstrasse 31, CH-8808 Pfäffikon
specialists in modern and contemporary art
 in Spanish and in English
Headquarters: Europe, Calle Lagasca 11 - 1ºB, Madrid, Spain
and America,
233 S. Federal Highway , Boca Raton, Florida
exhibiting and selling "Asbjorn Lonvig's PicassoMio Selection"
designed to bring talented artists together with art lovers
in English
Headquarters: 407 Lincoln Road,12th floor, Miami Beach, Florida
exhibiting and selling "Asbjorn Lonvig's PicassoMio Selection"
International Society of Artists and Designers

in English
Headquarters in Viale Carso, 71, Rome, Lazio, Italy
Membership granted on 27 May 2005
"RomArt, il Portale degli Artisti Romani"
in Italian
Headquarters at Via Matricardi, 10 Roma
"Il Portale delle Mostre "
in Italian
Headquarters in Rome, Italy
Organizzazione del milanese per la promozione di arte e cultura.
Gallerie e servizi per l'artista, manifestazione ed eventi d'arte e cultura, convenzioni e ...
in Italian and English
Headquarters in Milan, Via Monte di Pietà 1 - 20121 Milano, Italy
promotion and exhibition of contemporary art
in Italian, English
Headquarters Arte Studio, Via Guelfa, 116, 50129 Florence, Italy
promotion and exhibition of contemporary art
in Italian, English and Spanish
Headquarters in Piacenza, south of Milan, Italy
galleria d'arte contemponea 
in Italian
Headquarters in Monterosso Calabro, Calabria, Italy
Exhibiting 4 huge paintings and
4 sculpture suggestions to the mayor of Rome.
gallery of all kinds of art
in English (US)
Headquarters in Jerusalem, Israel and Bratislava, Slovakia.
The company is a Delaware incorporation.
Web-servers are located in Texas
Exhibiting 16 motifs
Swedish gallery and auction for buying and selling all kinds of art
in English, German, French, Swedish and Spanish
Headquarters Hjalmar Brantingsgatan 4a, 753 27 Uppsala, Sweden
Exhibiting 12 motifs
17 - 32 MB TIF images for sale - recommends 24 MB

in Danish and English (UK)

Headquarters in Fredensborg, Denmark
A Copy Dan project - see Asbjorn Lonvig Copyrights

in English (UK)
Headquarters in Randers, Denmark

Asbjorn Lonvig Vision, Asbjorn Lonvig Artwork Prices
10 online Asbjorn Lonvig art exhibitions simultaneously etc. etc.
in English (US) - small parts in Danish
translation by AltaVista BabelFish into
French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese,
Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Dutch, Greek, Russian
Headquarters "Lille Fejringhus" in Hedensted, Denmark
exhibiting and selling all art works etc.

 see Asbjorn Lonvig's
Copyright and Business Concept
Another site focuses on writings, news and lecturing